Over the top? Kate Hudson La Mer video


Just viewed this Kate Hudson La Mer video and I have the say, the dialogue is just ridiculous and over the top.

Maybe La Mer is all that and then some. It’s certainly hyped up to be. I wrote an article about it a year or two ago. You can read the La Mer article here

La Mer is still a super expensive brand. Maybe it’s worth all the hype. Who knows? It’s still too expensive for me to justify buying it to try it out. Especially when you consider that these creams never really do what they say. Note to Lancome. I’ve spent a lot of money on your products. I still rave about your 24h longwear foundation. It’s awesome, although, I recently purchased some dior products to try out and I feel like the Dior might actually have the edge on you in some ways (not all). But your creams and serums? They do nothing. Sorry. But that’s just the truth. Maybe they mask stuff a little bit but they don’t fix anything. They repair anything. And I have my doubts that the La Mer products are any different. Like I said I haven’t tried them so I can’t outright say that something doesn’t work if I’ve never tried it. But I’ve used a lot of different products trying to combat the million and one problems I have with my skin. And I still have the same million and one problems plus a million new ones.

What’s Kate saying in the La Mer Video?

Kate Hudson La Mer in love
Kate Hudson La Mer

“Rich is my love of La Mer. Vast. Powerful. I meet the ocean where it all began (could be wrong about that meet the ocean part Hard to clearly hear her). I’m in love. Faithful to me like I am to you. Complete devotion. Mysterious. Bold. A force of nature. The original. The legend. The icon.”

Personally, I think if Kate had spoken more naturally and normally about her use of La Mer (if she really uses it), maybe I might be inclined to become curious to try the product to see if it really does work. I find nothing about this ad believable and it doesn’t make me believe that La Mer works. It’s too staged and too acted.

What do you think about this Kate Hudson La Mer collaboration? Does her performance in the ad make you want to try La Mer? Does she convince you that she uses La Mer?


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