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Miranda Kerr raises the question how low cut is too low cut for a dress?

Miranda Kerr low cut Stella McCartney dress exposing breastMiranda Kerr usually makes it onto most people’s best dressed list. She has great style; but the outfit she wore in Paris the other day has got some people talking asking if perhaps her low cut dress was exposing a bit too much cleavage.

Miranda’s dress was a Stella McCartney dress with a very steep and very wide plunge at the bodice. It exposes more cleavage than seems necessary. Miranda was seen wearing her shockingly low-cut dress during the Stella McCartney show at Paris Fashion Week.

Although the dress has a loose casual fit the wide open bodice and the amount of cleavage exposure makes it a very risque dress; but Miranda was sashaying about blowing kisses as if completely unaware that she all but had her breasts hanging out for all the world to ogle.

Miranda Kerr baring breasts in Stella McCartney low cut dress

It does appear that at some later point in the day Miranda put on a less open over shirt and tried to cover up a little bit; but there was still a lot of skin showing.

Miranda Kerr low cut Stella McCartney dress

I guess if you’re going to wear a dress with a neckline that exposes that much cleavage when you’re young with a great body is the time to do it. Miranda at least has flawless breasts so while her appearance might have been shocking it was no doubt a pleasing sight for her male onlookers.

Would you wear Miranda Kerr’s plunging neckline Stella McCartney dress?

Personally I could not pull off a dress like that. I don’t have the bosom for it. From the time I started growing breasts at age 10 I had a complex about my breasts. It started with me growing only one breast for a while; and by the time the other breast started to grow the other one was so big there was no way for the second one to catch up. So I always had one breast that was obviously bigger than the other; and then by the time I was eleven I had pretty big breasts for an eleven year old. They weren’t monstrously big or anything but they were bigger than most of the other girls breasts and because I was skinny and one breast was obviously bigger than the other they were always noticeable and made fun of. So I had hangups about my breasts starting from the time they began to grow. I’ve always looked for ways to hide them not for ways to expose them to the world.

You need body confidence to walk around wearing a dress like the one Miranda Kerr is wearing and even then in some of the pictures you can see Miranda trying to make adjustments and being conscious of the fact that she’s on display. So even while you’re beautiful and confident and can pull off a dress like that it’s hard not to be aware that all eyes are on your bosom. She looks like at some point she started to feel naked out there.

Either the same day or the day before Miranda was seen wearing another low cut dress. This time she was wearing a low cut black dress that showed a lot of skin; but by comparison to the Stella McCartney dress the black dress was pretty modest.

Miranda Kerr low cut black dress Paris Fashion Week

So how low cut is too low cut for a dress?

I guess the point at which people’s eyes are popping and their jaws are dropping at the sight of you should be the point at which you realize that maybe you might be a little over-exposed.

Images of Miranda Kerr via Daily Mail and uk.omg.yahoo.com

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