In my previous post I mentioned that I am going to embark on a mission to transform my living space in the hope that a cleaner, better organized, more uplifting home environment will help me to feel more motivated to look and feel my best every day. I know that sounds odd. After all, what impact can a laundry room makeover have on how you look and feel? But like I said in my previous post, I do believe that people can be dragged down and made depressed by spending time in a dis-organized and dirty home environment. And when you’re in a depressed frame of mind you tend to care a lot less how you look. So your fashion choices and your style decisions are negatively affected by your depressed mood. Not that it’s a crisis to be poorly dressed; but you’ll probably end up feeling even more depressed on account of going out in public looking like you don’t think very much of yourself.

So I am planning a laundry room makeover

I started on my mission to transform my living space today. I cleaned up the laundry room and the entrance hall closet. Now that I have them cleaned I want to fix them up a little bit. So I’ve been looking at laundry room decor pictures to get some ideas for my laundry room makeover. And I have to admit, I didn’t know laundry rooms could look so nice and cozy. I’ve never necessarily cared one way or another what my laundry room looked like. Probably because I’ve always lived in rented apartments and I always have that sense that the place isn’t really mine. My apartments have always just been a roof over my head. They’ve never really been a home.

Google Images screenshot of results for "Laundry room decor"
Google Images screenshot of results for “Laundry room decor”

I like the idea of hanging something on the wall in the laundry room that has a clever phrase or inspiring thought. But I’ve been reluctant to hang things on the wall of my apartment so I don’t know. I’d first have to figure out a way to hang things that don’t require putting holes in the wall. I’ve tried those Command hook things for hanging other stuff but I don’t know if they can be used to hang pictures. Will have to investigate.

I live in a 1645 square feet townhouse apartment so as you can imagine I don’t have a “laundry room” so much as I have a utility room. It’s a small space that’s just big enough to fit the washer and dryer with a little space left with which to work. So there’s not going to be all that much that I’ll be able to do. Certainly my laundry room makeover results won’t resemble any of the laundry rooms in the above picture. But if I can get it to look just a little nicer than it does presently that will be good enough.

My laundry room…

laundry room 1laundry room 2

Doesn’t really look like there’s much I can do with it and right now I have zero ideas; but I’ll keep looking at pictures to get ideas and hopefully get started on my laundry room makeover soon.

Any suggestions for what I can do? Would love to hear them!


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