Miu Miu Two-tone cat eye acetate sunglasses
Image via net-a-porter.com

Miu Miu’s translucent pink and green acetate cat eye sunglasses; darkened lenses; “retro-shaped” frame; 100% UV protection.

These sunglasses come with a $300 price tag which really isn’t all that expensive when all is said and done. The “retro-shaped” frame is said to fit all face shapes so you won’t have to worry about purchasing these online only to try them and find they don’t fit your face shape.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. So if you can try them in person all the better.

 Repossi Berbère 18-karat rose gold ring
Image via net-a-porter.com (shop item)

Rings that cover the length of your finger are great options for ladies who are already starting to detect signs of aging in their hands. No matter how young we’re able to keep ourselves looking, our hands always show our age. If you’re over 30 and your hands are starting not to look as youthful as when you were in your twenties, you can use jewelry to deflect attention away from your imperfections.

Charlotte Olympia Round Up Maggie embroidered crepe de chine clutch

Charlotte Olympia Round Up Maggie embroidered crepe de chine clutch
Image via net-a-porter

We love this cute crepe de chine clutch from Charlotte Olympia’s Spring ’15 collection. It is apparently inspired by “the fierce frontier of the Wild West.” It comes with a $1,395 price tag via net-a-porter.com.

Eugenia Kim Wide-brim striped woven straw sunhat

Eugenia Kim Wide-brim striped woven straw sunhat
Image via net-a-porter.com – Eugenia Kim Wide-brim striped woven straw sunhat (shop item)

For us it’s early yet to be thinking about the beach. The leaves are still not back on the tree outside our office window. But that doesn’t mean we’re not filling our wish lists with all the things we’d love to have for our wishful thinking summer trips to the beach.

We love this black and red hemp and cotton-blend (90% hemp, 10% cotton) handmade Eugenia Kim wide-brimmed sunhat. It’s only $415. Admittedly that’s way out of budget for us. We can’t afford to spend $415 on a hat; but it’s reasonable for ladies who are a little better off financially.

Sophia Webster Leilou glitter-finished leather sandals

Sophia Webster Leilou glitter-finished leather sandals
Image via net-a-porter.com

These Sophia Webster sandals have so much going on but we love how it all comes together. We love the orange insole, the black and white stripes, on the heel, the turquoise tips on the heels, the glitter finished panels, the lime yellow piping, the lavender/pink piping, the tassles, the zig-zag pattern of blue leather on the white leather background. These sandals throw everything and the kitchen sink at you but in such a pretty way if they were really being thrown at you, you’d make a mad dash to catch them instead of trying to duck out of the way. Sandals come with a $650 price tag.

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