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Kate Hudson wears purple romper with red pumps

Kate Hudson purple romper

I’ve never been a huge fan of rompers. Some rompers can be cute. Some rompers can be sexy; but over all rompers are odd-looking to me and very seldom flattering even on women who can often wear anything.

Kate Hudson was recently seen out and about in Las Vegas wearing a purple romper with red pumps.

Wearing purple with red might sound like a bad idea but the red pumps with purple romper combination didn’t look awful. Kate didn’t look awful either but she didn’t inspire me to think twice about my impression of rompers.

Kate has a great figure. She has great legs but still I didn’t love her romper.

Kate Hudson legs red pumps

If it had been a dress then fine; but I guess that’s why it’s a romper and not a dress so it can be short enough to show off as much leg as possible without the risk of indecent exposure.

Kate wore her jumper to attend the iHeartRadio Music Festival where her fiancee Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy was performing with his band.

Kate Hudson was also seen wearing a black body suit at some other point during the iHeartRadio Music Festival either earlier or later that day. Looks like she was on a mission to keep away any of the younger ladies around who might have ideas about trying to catch her fiancee’s attention. Way to let them know they have nothing on her and to make sure her husband-to-be is reminded as well.


Kate Hudson tight black body suit belted

Personally I don’t like the bodysuit look on Kate either. Bodysuits can tend to look a little bit on the tacky side unless worn with a jacket or shirt or some other type of over garment.

Love rompers yourself? Here are some from Forever 21 that might interest you.

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