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Elopement Vacations: A New Trend

Getting married can be an emotional time that can be costly and rife with family drama. As such, it’s no wonder that lots of couples are choosing to shift the focus back to themselves by eloping. Elopement provides the opportunity for a wedding and a honeymoon rolled into one, creating a relaxing, intimate event for the happy couple.

If you’ve been thinking about getting away from the wedding drama and spending your special day somewhere exotic, this article is for you. Here’s everything you need to consider when going on an elopement vacation.

What You’re Taking with You

One of the challenges with the elopement vacation trend is figuring out what to take with you and how. For a bride, this means having to consider your dress options carefully. A cocktail dress might be preferable to a long gown, especially if you’re going on an extended vacation that will have you traveling around from place to place.

There are two main considerations when planning what to take with you: your destination and simplicity. One of the main reasons to elope is to keep things simple; don’t make your day complicated by bringing along a lot of material goods. If you’re having a destination wedding at a resort in Puerto Rico, you’ll have a lot more flexibility than if you’re backpacking around Iceland.

Paperwork and Legalities

For your marriage to be legal in your home country, you’ll need to have everything in order before you go. For many couples, this means signing the legal paperwork and becoming legally married before boarding a plane. If you don’t wish to go that route, check with your country’s requirements regarding marriage abroad. It may be as simple as having proof of a marriage application that outlines no legal reasons why you and your partner can’t get married.

You’ll also want to check that getting married in the country in which you’re eloping will be recognized when you get home. Calling your embassy at your elopement destination or working with a destination wedding specialist can help you find this information.

Who You’re Telling

If a part of your reason for taking an elopement vacation is to avoid family drama, then you’ll want to think carefully about who you discuss your intentions with. Talk to your partner about your plan. When you leave for your vacation, will your family be left thinking that it’s just that? Alternatively, will you tell them that you plan on getting married while you’re away? Will you bring a witness with you or seek one at your destination?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this sensitive topic: you’ll have to make a decision based on your family situation and preferences. What’s important is that you take the time to enjoy your elopement vacation without stressing about what’s happening at home.

Finding Vendors

You’ll need to find vendors to help you get married once you’re at your destination. While working with a destination wedding planner can help you with this process, it takes time to sort out. Even if you’re keeping things simple, you’ll still need an officiant to make your marriage official. If you want flowers, a cake, and photography, then you’ll need to do your research to set it up.


Setting a budget for your vacation elopement will be similar to setting a budget for a larger wedding, only easier. There are a few approaches that couples take to budgeting when they decide to elope.

Some couples view their elopement vacation as a budget option. While they’re spending money to go away, they’re spending less than they would having a big wedding at home. Others take the opposite approach, choosing to spend a similar amount of money as they would at home, but keeping the focus on themselves. Set a budget that works for your ideal destination and the type of elopement vacation you want to have.

Your wedding is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. If it’s your dream to get married elsewhere, pack your bags, take your partner’s hand, and start your great adventure.

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