Dream closet chase diary entry 1

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I believe there is more to life than things. But I also believe that ultimately what matters in life is to be happy. And things make people happy. Things have the ability to make people feel better about their circumstances. Things have the ability to provide comfort and facilitate people’s search for happiness and joy. So even though there’s more to life than things, things still matter for their ability to enhance people’s lives.

Can a woman find happiness in her closet?

woman looking at tops in closet

Today I was watching some closet tour videos on youtube. One of the videos I came across was a tour of blogger Mimi Goodwin’s closet and studio. I didn’t know of Mimi G before today. In fact I only just googled “mimi g style” to find out more about her and I came across her blog. So I’ve been inspired twice today by Mimi Goodwin, first after watching her closet tour and again after visiting her website. She has made me eager to get my hands on some fabric and get some use out of the sewing machine I purchased last year. But I’m getting away from the point. The question I’m supposed to be answering is whether or not a woman can find happiness in her closet.

My hot mess closet

my closet

I definitely cannot find happiness in my current closet. My closet is a huge mess. I have numerous unpacked boxes stored in my closet from when I first moved out here to the mid-west in 2012. I hardly have any clothes and the bulk of the clothes I do have are years old, cheap and in no way inspiring. There’s nothing in my closet that I love (right now the favorite item in my closet is the Shimmer salmon crepe de chine tie straps maxi dress I made back in October of 2014). And I also don’t love the closet itself. Although I have to admit it’s the biggest closet I’ve had to date. But it’s not my dream closet. And up until today I had never made any attempt to organize anything in it. But after seeing Mimi Goodwin’s closet tour video I became inspired to at least start. So I managed to do a little organizing of my shoes today. As you can see I have a very pitiful “poor girl” collection of shoes. Most are many years old.

monica's closet shoes organized

Although I have plans to build up my shoe collection, I’m not really into shoes. But I can see how it would make a woman happy to walk into her closet and see shelf after shelf of shoes she has bought for herself with her hard earned money. Especially if she’s in a situation like I’m in. She’s been working hard for many years trying to make something happen for herself. When she’s finally able to buy things for herself the things come to mean a little bit more. Her joy doesn’t really come from knowing she has these things. It’s from knowing how hard she had to work to get to a point where she could afford to indulge herself. The things represent the reward she has finally received for her years of struggle.

Mimi Goodwin’s closet


I think if I had Mimi Goodwin’s closet I would definitely be able to find happiness in my closet. It’s true that I don’t value things. I’ve always had difficulty understanding how people could value things. But the deeper into my own psyche I go, the clearer it becomes to me that I’m playing tricks on myself. It’s not really so much that I have a higher sense of awareness of the fact that things are just things. I do firmly believe that a person does not need things in order to be happy in life. A person’s possessions, or lack thereof, does not determine a person’s worth. But these convictions aren’t the reason I so seldom find myself wanting anything. My not wanting things is more a case of convincing myself, or allowing myself to be convinced, that I will never have anything. If you don’t want anything then you won’t worry about the fact that you don’t have anything. You settle for nothing. And that is a form of self abuse. So I am declaring that I want a huge closet and tons of nice things with which to fill it up. In the meantime, I will try to organize my current closet to make it look a little nicer. I’ve been treating it like a storage room which I’ve been keeping in the condition of a pig sty for over 2 years.

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