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Can you wear red lipstick with a navy blue dress

We browsed through a number of pictures of ladies in navy blue dresses. We came across a few pictures of women wearing red lipstick with a navy blue dress, and we personally thought the look worked just fine. The contrast between navy and red is always striking in clothing. It’s just as striking when you wear a red lip color with a navy blue dress.

So we’ll have to say yes to the question: Can you wear red lipstick with a navy blue dress?

But even though you can wear red lipstick with a navy blue dress, red lipstick wasn’t that popular a color choice in the pictures we reviewed. Nudes and pale pinks seemed to be more popular choices. And this was the case regardless of skin tone. All shades between and including ebony and ivory looked amazing with the nudes and pale pinks.

The red looked amazing as well but the red gives you a more fiesty ready for trouble look while the nudes and pale pinks give you a softer more demure look. So consider the effect you want to achieve when deciding if you will wear red lipstick with your navy blue dress. If you’re trying to standout with striking force then a red lip color will do that for you. If you prefer to blend in and look more on the demure side then you should avoid red and go with a more nude color for an appearance of natural lips.

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For red lipstick you might be interested in Chanel’s ROUGE COCO lip color

Keira Knightley wearing ROUGE COCO lip color in Gabrielle
Image via Chanel.com

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