Back in July I had planned to write a feature titled “Goodwill Hunting – Would you shop for clothes at Goodwill?”. So I went to the local Goodwill and picked up some things for the feature. But I never got around to writing it. The clothes have been sitting in my closet. One of the items I picked up at the Goodwill was a pink cotton-silk blend shirt from the Ann Taylor brand.

wearing pink with purple image 2 wearing pink with purple image 3

Although I haven’t worn it I’ll be keeping the shirt for my own personal use. It’s in good condition and it fits nicely. The material is soft and comfortable. And the style is pretty basic so even if the shirt is years old the style will never be dated.

wearing pink with purple image 4

I’ve styled the mannequin in an outfit I would wear myself (minus the jewelry). The pink Ann Taylor shirt with the purple knit skirt featured in If you shop for clothes at Walmart you are…. I quite like the pink top purple skirt combination. I think these two particular shades of pink and purple go very nicely together.

wearing pink with purple image 5

Shoes to wear with pink top purple skirt outfit combinations

purple Shoes to wear with Pink top purple skirt

Black would be the more likely choice of shoes I would wear with pink top purple skirt outfit combinations. That’s mostly because I have a tendency to get self conscious out in public so I don’t tend to wear things that stand out, including very bright colors. I might take a chance on a bright color with a top or a dress, but it would be difficult for me to work up the courage to step out in brightly colored shoes. I’d have to be feeling pretty confident and bold.

Shoe Possibilities

Balenciaga Suede Ankle Boots

I’d wear ankle boots or pumps or a nice pair of sandals with this outfit. The heel heigh on these Balenciaga Suede Ankle Boots is only 3 inches so I could possibly manage to wear them. It would depend on if they fit comfortably or not.

Alexander Wang Antonia Textured-leather Sandals

Alexander Wang Antonia Textured-leather Sandals

Not sure if I would be able to walk in these Alexander Wang Antonia Textured-leather Sandals. I can barely walk in 3 inch heels. These are 4 inch heels and they don’t have much in the way of re-enforcement; but they would look cute with the outfit. A nice tote bag and some interesting jewelry and I’ll be ready to step out wherever this outfit would best suit to be worn.


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