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The Power of Social Media

What you see above is a screenshot from the Kendall Jenner webpage on the Estee Lauder website. Kendall Jenner is now the new face of Estee Lauder. I am personally thrilled for Kendall. Anytime a girl’s dreams can come true it’s a good thing. Because little is more sad than when you go through life never being able to realize any of your dreams for one reason or another and I can personally speak at great length on that topic. I choose to be happy for other people when their dreams in life are realized and I think it would be an easy but enormous contribution towards improving the world if everyone made that choice. Trust me, I know that it’s hard when you have to struggle and when you have to live with failure in your life. So it’s certainly understandable why it might be easier to resent people who achieve success with apparent ease and without having to spend a lifetime trying. But begrudging people their achievements in life only creates an even uglier environment inside of you, making it that much more difficult for you to see what’s good and noteworthy in your own life.

Blah Blah Blah what are you rambling on for?

I’m writing all of this because of the many ugly comments I’ve seen being made about Kendall Jenner being the new face of Estee Lauder.

Kendall Jenner just jared comments about estee lauder gig 1Kendall Jenner just jared comments about estee lauder gig 2

The above is a small sampling of some of the less nasty but still unkind comments. These are from the website. People are swearing they’re going to stop buying Estee Lauder; but let’s be realistic, the people currently buying Estee Lauder probably aren’t the people the company is trying to target by making Kendall Jenner the new face of the brand. Estee Lauder is said to be more popular now with older generations and that is probably because that’s what they were using when they were young women like Kendall; but by the time they reached middle age other brands had become the choice brands of younger women and not too many younger women were buying Estee Lauder. Doesn’t mean the company was creating products only for older women. It just means they lost popularity with the young crowd. Now they see the opportunity to regain that popularity by doing what other brands are doing nowadays. Using people who are popular on social media websites as brand ambassadors. And Kendall Jenner has huge numbers of followers in social media. Not to mention the girl is good at what she does. She’s already been legitimized as a model. Like it or not.

Kendall Jenner estee lauder screenshot estee lauder webpage 2
Screen shot from the Kendall Jenner webpage on the Estee Lauder website

Don’t blame Kendall – it’s a whole new world

It seems like people don’t realize the world has changed. And they are the ones who changed it by making social media what it is today. The fact is, Kendall might have no influence over you; but she is in a position to influence what countless other people will buy. You might hate her; but enough people love her to make her very valuable to Estee Lauder as the new face of their brand. She’s the perfect person because she’s young and young people today are no different from the young people before them when it comes to the world of beauty. There’s a certain standard we buy into and whether or not you can admit it Kendall Jenner reflects that standard. She’s pretty. She’s tall. She’s thin. Girls admire her for those reasons and they will try to emulate her. Estee Lauder knows this and they understand the power of social media. Who were they going to hire who could have done more to sell the brand? Jennifer Lawrence represents Dior and she hates social media. She’s not on twitter or facebook or Instagram. Her reach just isn’t that great. And there are no other actresses at the moment who are supremely popular. There are certainly not any age appropriate models who are wildly popular in social media. This is about the smartest business decision Estee Lauder could have made. And for Kendall it’s the perfect situation. Even if the brand isn’t currently popular with young people, being the new face of Estee Lauder is a huge deal. The company is still a big name in the cosmetics industry. No matter what happens in Kendall’s future you can’t take these things away from her just by expressing your thought and feeling that she didn’t deserve the opportunities she was given. She will always have these achievements on her resume and they will always give her an advantage. And that’s just life folks. There’s so much misery in the world. Choose to be happy when good things happen even if it happens for someone else and not for you. For Kendall her dreams are being realized. It’s a good thing. So many little girls with dreams. Some might look at Kendall and feel inspired and go on to fulfill their own dreams because seeing Kendall living hers made them believe they could do the same. It might be easier for Kendall because she’s not starting from the bottom but so what? She still has to work at it and she’s working and she’s doing an excellent job. Stop judging her because of how she got to this point. She’s here. Assess her work and leave the other stuff out of it.



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