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Tips for Keeping Your Wardrobe Fresh and Clean

A solid wardrobe doesn’t just look good; it also feels good. If you’re having trouble keeping your clothing from smelling funny, you may need to take some extra steps.

Dirt, sweat, and moisture can leave your favorite fashion items unwearable. Here are some tips for keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean.

Clean and Dry Before Storage

Taking the time to clean and dry your wardrobe before storing items long-term can significantly impact how fresh they feel when you take them back out. If there’s moisture in the fabric, it may start to smell musty or prematurely degrade.

Store your clothing in a dark, moisture-free space. It’s best to use a moisture absorber and storage container. For some fabrics, dry cleaning them before storing them may be the best option.

Locate the Source of Odors

If your clothes are beginning to stink even after you’ve washed them, you may need to investigate to discover where the smell is coming from. Improper airflow, excess moisture, or sunlight can lead to a buildup of bacteria or mold.

Different types of clothing may need special care and attention. You may also need a new washing machine or alternative detergent. And this goes for more than just your clothing. Learning to remove unpleasant odors from your boots after wearing them will ensure your feet are comfortable and free of odors.

Freshen Up With Baking Soda

Getting rid of unpleasant smells affecting your wardrobe can be difficult, but with the addition of baking soda, you can quickly freshen things up. Baking soda can absorb excess moisture and eliminate unwanted odors. Putting baking soda in your closet will ensure that you keep your clothes protected and safe from mold.

You can sprinkle some on the clothing to soak up moisture or make it smell better. It takes only a few teaspoons to do the job. Another method is to put some in a bowl and place it in the space to finish off any unwanted smells.

Make Your Wardrobe Look and Feel Comfortable

Clothing only lasts for so long before it begins to break down. Mold, mildew, and excess moisture can leave your wardrobe smelling and feeling rough.

Use these tips for keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean to get the most out of your clothing.

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