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Surprising Uses for Spray Foam Insulation

Expanding spray foam is an item every homeowner needs. It has some surprising uses that you probably didn’t think of. You can find insulation in your attic, walls, or basement, but it can help in other ways. Spray foam insulation has uses that just may surprise you. Continue reading to explore how you can use spray foam insulation.

Quiet Rattling Pipes

Do you hear your water supply lines making noise when you use them? Dampening this sound is a job for spray foam! When water runs through the lines, they vibrate. Isolate the pipes from the floor and wall framing with spray foam. It provides a barrier between the line and the object it’s rattling against.

Contact a local insulation company if the job is larger than you can handle. The professionals will help you apply the spray foam and can assess your home’s insulation needs.

Secure Shaky Faucets and Showerheads

A shaky showerhead is annoying and can lead to leaks. It’s usually difficult to secure a loose showerhead from behind the wall, so spray foam is an excellent solution. Spray the substance around the showerhead to secure it and keep it from shaking. Protect the shower space with a tarp, spray the insulation slowly, and use low-expansion foam. Your next should shower will be a pleasant experience!

Stabilize Landscaping Rocks

This spray foam insulation use is truly surprising. You can use it to secure rocks for landscaping features. Many people would love to transform their backyard into an oasis. Waterfalls and streams use decorative rock, but it can be challenging to secure them. Fortunately, spray foam keeps the rocks in place, and it’s waterproof. You’ll have an attractive, stable water feature in no time!

Tons of Crafts

Spray foam is a fantastic tool to craft with. Does your child have to build a replica of the Rocky Mountains? Spray foam to the rescue! Do you need to design a landscape for a work project? Again, spray foam is your answer. After the foam hardens, you can carve into it with a serrated knife. The options are endless when crafting with spray foam.

You can find bottles of spray foam at your local hardware store. Ensure you always have a can of the stuff handy for these home projects.

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