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Raiding Olivia Palermo’s closet

Olivia Palermo has a Wikipedia page. That usually means you’re a person of note. I didn’t really know much about her when I decided to do this post. I’ve seen her pictures all over the internet and it’s hard not to notice how stylish she is; but just who is she? What does she do?

According to her Wikipedia page Olivia is a socialite and an “It Girl”. Seriously” there’s a Wikipedia page explaining what an “It Girl” is. Apparently an “It Girl” is “a term for a young woman who possesses the quality “It”” absolute attraction.” Whatever…

Olivia definitely has a cuteness about her and she knows how to dress. She always looks nice” there’s no denying that. I don’t know about this “It Girl” stuff but that’s probably just my tendency to want the world to be a place where there aren’t these types of classifications because if there are girls who have “It”” then we’re saying there are girls who don’t and we’re basing “it-ness” on how someone looks and saying because a girl is pretty and popular she has “it”. To me that’s just unfortunate for the implication that if you’re not pretty or popular you’re not worth anything; but maybe I’m just overly sensitive because I don’t have “It” and never did.

Olivia has done modeling and acting on reality TV and is known for her keen fashion sense her pretty face and for dating an equally pretty and fashionable guy named Johannes Huebl. Her wikipedia page says she’s only 5 feet 4 inches tall but that’s a little hard to believe. She’s a rich girl born into wealth. I’m sure she has managed to make her own money but that’s always easier to do when you already have money to start with. She has a fashion blog at oliviapalermo.com.

Now for the point of this post. If I could raid Olivia Palermo’s closet here are some pieces I would take.

The Tibi Hexadot Peekaboo Blouse that she was seen wearing on September 11 2013

Tibi printed long sleeve collared Hexadot peekaboo blouse

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Seller Description

Printed long sleeve collared blouse with back raglan seam slits. Front button placket single button closure at cuff draped longer at back.

  • Unlined
  • 100% Flocked Silk CDC
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Length 30″

Olivia wore this blouse with a white Scanlan & Theodore skirt which I couldn’t find any information about anywhere.

With this outfit she wore a pair of white black polka dot shoes from Madonna’s Truth or Dare line.

Her sunglasses can be found (here), They are from Westward Leaning and cost $165.

Her clutch is the Smythson Cooper Top Zip iPad® Clutch which comes with a $1,175 price tag

Smythson Cooper Top Zip iPad Clutch

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I would not just take the Tibi blouse from Olivia’s closet but also the skirt the shoes the sunglasses and the clutch.

The Zebra Maze Sleeveless Top and matching Zebra Maze Paneled Skirt Olivia wore at at Peter Som at Milk Studios during New York Fashion Week 2013 would definitely go into the bag I will take with me to stuff full of Olivia Palermo’s clothes. Both items are $325 each.

Tibi Zebra Maze Sleeveless Top

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Tibi Zebra Maze Paneled Skirt

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The outfit Olivia wore shows just how creative she is when it comes to fashion. She makes it look like she’s wearing a jacket with the Tibi Zebra Maze top and skirt but in fact she’s wearing the Rachel Zoe Natalia Double-Breasted Dress with a sweater underneath the Tibi Zebra Maze top. I imagine it’s easier to pull off this much layering if you’re a size 2 and under. I can usually hardly stand to have on a single layer of clothes much less 3 layers; but the outfit looks nice.

It’s clear why Olivia Palermo wears so much stuff from Tibi. They have great stuff. Here’s another top and skirt from Tibi that I will be taking during my Olivia Palermo closet raid.

Tibi Nelio Mesh Sleeve Top ($275),

Tibi Nelio Mesh Sleeve TopBuy It!

Seller Details

Silk printed sweatshirt with contrast mesh sleeves.

  • Unlined
  • 100% Silk
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Length 25″

Tibi Transit Yoked Skirt ($325),

Tibi transit yoked skirt printed combo cotton crepe neoprene mini skirt

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Seller Details

Printed combo cotton crepe and neoprene mini skirt. Hidden zipper closure at center back.

  • Fully Lined
  • 100% Cotton Crepe/ 96% Polyester” 4& Elastane
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Length 17 3/4″

Olivia wore this top and skirt to attend New York Fashion Week 2013 at Tibi. She wore the outfit with Christian Louboutin sandals a black leather Delvaux Tempête MM handbag and Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Of course I will be also taking the Delvaux Tempête MM handbag. How else will be ever get my hands on a $3,650 handbag?

Delvaux Tempête MM black calfskin leather bag

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Seller details

Box calfskin leather structured handbag with top handle” clip closure and two side straps that slide through back of bag. Triple perforated brass hardware allows for a two position closure. “D” handle tag and four brass nails at base for added protection. Supple Basane leather lining with flat open pocket and side zipper pocket.

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