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How To Host Your Own Charcuterie Board Party

Charcuterie boards are no secret nowadays as their popularity has continued to remain at the top of the food helm for years now. The reason charcuterie boards are so popular is due to the variability you get as you can mix and match meats, cheeses, and assorted accompaniments. Charcuterie boards are great options for get-togethers, as it encourages community and communication. You’ll want these tips on how to host your own charcuterie board party.

Use Bowls

When we think of a charcuterie board, we often imagine a board holding everything we are going to eat. However, you have to consider that you might have jams and jellies and crumbly cheeses that won’t work well on a board. Consider purchasing or using small bowls on the board or your serving table. Bowls create a cleaner look that your guests will appreciate.

Unique Assortments

Sometimes some people won’t include too many assortments, but you should, as this allows your guests to taste different food combinations. For example, you might consider including some unique assortments, like the widely popular hot honey drizzle. This drizzle is sweet and spicy, which makes for a tasteful explosion that works phenomenally well with cured meats and cheeses.

Add Variety

If you include the basic cheeses on your board, you might consider switching it up a bit. One of the best tips for hosting your own charcuterie board party is to include new cheese or meats you haven’t tried before. This gives you and your guests the opportunity to try something new. You never know; they might end up loving it.

Ask Friends for Help

Keep in mind that your friends have different taste preferences. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask them if they have a favorite cheese or meat that you could include on your board. Moreover, take this time to ask them about any allergies or dietary preferences they have.

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