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Geometric Home Decor Ideas for Summer 2023

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Trends come and go in every sphere, including interior design. One of the trends experts expect to see in the summer of 2023 is geometric home décor. Various ideas for how to incorporate this modern décor into your home exist and we share some of our favorites below.

Statement Rugs

After years of being stuck inside due to a global pandemic, people want lively spaces full of personality. One of the easiest ways to bring lots of personality into a room without heavy lifting or painting is with statement rugs. Statement rugs can feature any colors or patterns you want. If you want to simultaneously incorporate trending geometric shapes, find a statement rug with a colorful geometric pattern.

Geometric Furniture

If you don’t mind the heavy lifting and really want to bring a fresh vibe into your space, consider buying geometric furniture. Most geometric furniture is available in tables, shelves, and chairs, but you can also find other household pieces in various shapes. These pieces stand out, so don’t completely furnish a room with them. Just add a few geometric pieces to make your space feel modern.

Modern Paper Lanterns

One way to make your space feel more modern is to update something old. Paper lanterns may remind you of the 1970s, but now people are making them in geometric shapes with sharp lines. This new twist on an old classic feels modern and changes the lighting options in your space. Many use them as overhead lights, per their design, but you can also find tabletop lamps with this unique geometric shape.

Homemade Geometric Details

Many are embracing the “you do you” interior design style this summer, which means you can always make all the geometric details you want. For example, you can make your quilt design more modern with geometric shapes and then hang your homemade quilt on the wall like a tapestry. If you know how to carve wood or do metalwork, you can craft geometric details such as bookends and drawer hardware. Alternatively, you can pay someone to make custom geometric work that will add a modern flair to your space.

We expect to see various geometric home décor details in the summer of 2023 and possibly beyond. Try these ideas to stay on trend and make your space feel modern. If modern geometric designs aren’t for you, that’s okay. Focus on creating a space you love, whether it’s trendy or not.

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