Should you ever wear a flower crown?


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I came across a picture of a model while doing some browsing a couple of days ago. She was wearing a flower crown posing in a backless dress next to a blooming tree. The picture was very pretty. The model herself was very pretty; but I couldn’t help wondering just how practical flower crowns are as an every day accessory and who can get away with wearing them. Can you get away with wearing a flower crown if you’re over a certain age, if you’re not traditionally pretty, if you’re bigger than a certain size?

Flower crowns on the street

Madeline Becker, 23 year old Blogger, photographer, and musician from Salt Lake City//Texas, United States (blog), wears a flower crown to accessorize a very casual t-shirt and denim shorts with canvas sneakers outfit. This is a picture from 2012. I’m not sure how big a thing flower crowns were in 2012 and I’m not suggesting by this post that they are a big thing right now either. I don’t see any high end designers putting out flower crowns among their lines of accessories so I suspect flower crowns aren’t a happening thing per se; but they do seem to have crossed over from being exclusively a bridal accessories or a little girl’s accessory, or hippie costume gear to being an every day accessory.

Here is another example of a flower crown being worn to accessorize a casual tank top and denim short shorts outfit. Los Angeles California model and designer Kassandra Brooks (blog) wears a crown of red flowers with a white print California Republic muscle tank and a pair of studded high-Waisted cutoff shorts. Her look is cute and interesting but is it a look for everybody? Can you or I go out and buy flower crowns and start wearing them wheresoever and whenever? The answer is of course, yes–on the grounds that it’s a free world and you and I have the right to wear whatever we want to wear; and as long as we think it looks good on us that should be all that matters. But I don’t think the general attitude about flower crowns is that they are suitable for every day casual wear. I think its mostly free spirits that you’ll find wearing them and most people who live their lives according to what society tells them is okay and not okay are probably going to be reluctant to wear a flower crown unless the occasion calls for it, like their wedding.

Model and blogger Oksana Orehhova from Fashion Secrets with Oksana wears a flower crown from BOOHOO to accessorize a casual sweatshirt and leggings outfit.

Fashion blogger and photographer Viktoriya Sener from the blog wears a virtual garland on her head back in an October 2013 photoshoot.

Where to buy flower crowns

If you’re only into buying high end merchandise it looks like you don’t have a great many options for purchasing flower crowns that have a high end designer brand name attached. This Dolce & Gabbana floral headband isn’t so much a flower crown as it is a headband with some floral and other gem appliques.

Multi coloured silk floral headband from Dolce & Gabbana

Multi coloured silk floral headband from Dolce Gabbana

Seller says…

Multi coloured silk floral headband from Dolce & Gabbana featuring gemstone embellishments.

PRICE: $1,721.25Buy It!

For the more practical lady you can find flower crowns at places like, Nordstron, Anthropologie, BOOHOO.

Topshop rose and lily blossoms flower crown headband

Topshop Rose and lily blossoms flower crown headband

Seller says..

Rose and lily blossoms bring free-spirited romance to a whimsical floral garland.

PRICE: $32Buy It!

Topshop cream and lilac blossoms flower crown headband

Topshop cream and lilac blossoms flower crown headband

Seller says…

Cream and lilac blossoms bring free-spirited romance to a whimsical floral garland.

PRICE: $32 Buy It!

Or make your own flower crown

So, should you ever wear a flower crown?

The answer is yes, if you want to wear a flower crown you should wear a flower crown. End of story. But… Keep in mind that flower crowns appear to be worn mostly by younger women 20 and under who can still remember their days playing dress up. A crown of flowers on your head suggests a certain kind of innocence, youth and beauty so if you don’t have the wispy waspy ethereal look to go with the crown of flowers on your head people might be more likely to find you crazy than cute. Not that it matters what people think; but you can keep that in mind if you generally tend to worry what people think.

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