Dear Diary, I bought myself a Chanel lipstick. To be specific, I bought a Chanel Rogue Coco Le Rogue ultra hydrating Lip color in the shade Dimitri. I ordered it from Nordstrom last week and it arrived yesterday.

Don’t ask me why I bought myself a Chanel lipstick. I mean, what was I trying to prove spending $36.00 for a lipstick and to whom was I trying to prove it?

I haven’t tried the lipstick yet. I guess I’m reluctant because, once I use it, it will officially become just another lipstick on my vanity table. I’ll look at it next to my other lipsticks and I’ll shake my head and scold myself because I will not be able to justify the price difference just looking at the tubes.

The truth is, seeing that Chanel name and the intertwined CC logo doesn’t really do anything for me. In all seriousness I really don’t care about that. And from what I can see that’s really what the $36 is for, because the lipstick looks like all the others. Without the Chanel name and the logo it cannot be told apart from any other red lipstick in a black tube. So why did I buy this lipstick for $36 when I fully well know I am in no position to be spending $36 on lipstick?

Chanel Rogue COCO ultra hydrating lip color in dimitriI guess I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about with designer brand cosmetics. I wanted to discover for myself what makes them worthy of their much higher price tag? But to be frankly honest, I don’t yet see why this lipstick costs what it does.

Who knows, maybe once I get around to putting on the lipstick I’ll be blown away by what it can do. Right about now I can’t imagine it has any abilities that my cheaper lipsticks lack. But who knows? I might discover that there’s a dramatic difference between a Cover Girl, Revlon, Loreal, and Maybelline lipstick and a Chanel lipstick. And I may come to consider the price of a Chanel lipstick quite reasonable given how it performs by comparison to the brands I’ve used in the past.

For now I’m more inclined to go with my first thought when I  saw the box containing the lipstick: “WTF? This is it?” For $36 I’d expect some kind of special touch.

Rogue coco 442 dimitri chanel le rogue ultra hydrating lip color I mean it’s just a lipstick, I know. But I felt kind of stupid when I saw it. I felt stupid because it’s not like I really needed the lipstick. So to have spent $36 only for it to turn out to be the same as my other lipsticks for the most part left me with a gnawing feeling of buyer’s remorse.

I know that $36 is nothing for the average person and I should probably be embarrassed to be complaining over spending $36 on a lipstick. But much as I’d like to pretend I’m the kind of girl for whom buying a $36 lipstick is no big deal, I cringe at the thought of spending $10 on a lipstick. So $36 is very much a big deal.

I can only hope this lipstick will at least prove useful and I’ll get some nice photos out of it.





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