The red pant suit and jacket sewing project 2

Update January 23 2016: I have discovered since writing this post that I mis-read the cutting guide for the pattern. So I now know that I don’t have to go out and purchase “utility fabric” to serve as the interfacing for the jacket. I was actually supposed to cut that out from the same fabric.

Original: I am still trying to attempt that DIY red pant suit and jacket sewing project. Today I decided to try to see if I could finally figure out what they are talking about in Step 1 where they tell me to “fuse interfacing” to the wrong side of the two front sections. I’ve been stuck at this point on account of having no idea what they were even talking about. But I think I might finally have figured it out.

But first…

So far I’ve managed to cut out the fabric pieces for the jacket.    Butterick Misses jacket top skirt pants pattern 1 - fuse interfacingIt took a bit of digging around Youtube tutorials, but I came across this video below and it helped me get a clue where to start.

All due credit to Liesl Gibson for doing a great job with the video. She helped me understand just enough to get started and reach the point where I thought I was ready to start the sewing. The problem is, like I said above, I’ve been stuck at Step 1.

Fuse interfacing to wrong side of two front (1) section, following the manufacturer’s instructions

So I finally took to the Internet to do some research today, and as near as I can figure, it seems like I’m supposed to have something called interfacing and/or lining fabric, neither of which I bought. So I guess I’ll have to buy some utility fabric (looks like that’s what fusible interfacing and lining fabric are referred to?).

It’s anybody’s guess if I will be able to figure any of this out well enough to actually make this jacket. I’m thinking based on this new discovery that I might not even have cut out the pattern pieces correctly after all. But we shall see how things develop.

In the meantime, I tried to skip forward a few steps thinking I at least understood Step 4 and could work on that, but that’s when I realized I might not have cut out the pattern pieces properly; so I abandoned that idea to spend some time doing even more reading of the pattern text and researching on the Internet to try to get a little closer to understanding exactly what everything means.

Now that I know what they mean by fuse interfacing to the wrong sides of the pattern pieces marked at (1), I have to figure out how to buy interfacing and what kind I need to buy for this jacket and exactly how the process of fusing interfacing works.

Hopefully at some point in the near future I will have a red pant suit and jacket made even if it’s a hot mess that cannot be worn.

Research notes/sources:

How to Interface Jackets: Lessons from an Yves Saint Laurent Garment
Jacket: sewing center back seam and staystitching the side seams for princess seams
Types of Interfacing Fabric and Interfacing Sewing | National Sewing Circle


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