Happy 2nd Thursday of green 2017!

Did you know that the pantone color of the year for 2017 is green? I didn’t, but in my own personal life I had decided to dub this year Green 2017. So it’s interesting to discover that green is actually the color of the year as determined by the Pantone Color Institute. Maybe this will be the year that everything comes to fruition. I won’t make any declarations though because I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I think it’s better to be in the here and now. And here now I have received the green sequin fabric for my dress project, so I have no excuses for not getting started with it.

Justine the mannequin wearing makeshift green sequin dress out of the green sequin fabric
Justine the mannequin wearing a makeshift green sequin dress with the fabric I purchased for the sequin part of my green dress

Let’s make a green dress for green 2017

monica designs green mesh sequin satin gown
monica’s green mesh sequin satin gown design – this is the dress I will be attempting to make. It’s a drawing I did in 2016 while experimenting with doing fashion illustration
I already know that the finished dress will be different from the design. In the first place, the green sequin fabric that I purchased isn’t exactly what I wanted. But I couldn’t find anything that was closer to the drawing so I had to settle for the fabric above.

In the second place: I’m not sure how I would pull off the poufy overlay part of the skirt, so I might leave that out. We’ll see as I experiment.

Except for cutting the green sequin fabric so I could rig up the outfit seen on the mannequin, I haven’t started making the dress yet. I plan to start some time today.

Right now I’m looking out my window and the tree in my backyard is completely barren. Here’s hoping that by the time it’s covered with green leaves again, I will have $1 for every leaf that will be on the tree.

tree outside my back door as photographed 10:30AM 1/12/2017

Happy Green 2017!

I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true this year.


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