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Why Moving to a New City Isn’t As Scary as You Think

Life is about constantly growing and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone. Doing the things that scare us most helps us to grow confidence. When a new opportunity presents itself, don’t turn away from it, even if that means packing up your old life and starting a new one. We have plenty of reasons why moving to a new city isn’t as scary as you think.

Exploring a New Market

The job market is constantly changing for every profession, and staying stagnant isn’t always the smartest idea. The role you have in your current city isn’t necessarily the same as that in another city, but exploring new markets doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience.

Broadening your horizons and networking outside your comfort zone will help you grow in your career. Every city has new opportunities to explore, and you don’t need to stick with the same career. You could move to another place to continue your current profession, then find a passion for something else. By making this change, you might become an entirely new person.

Expanding Your Social Circle

They say that you can never have too many friends. You don’t need to ditch your current social circle when you move; expand it. The friends you have now will always be there, and finding new ones is always a plus.

You may not make them instantly, but taking the chance to put yourself out there can produce promising results.

Pushing Your Boundaries

People can’t grow if they don’t do the things that challenge them most, and you will learn a lot about yourself when you branch out to a new city. Every aspect of moving to a new city will push your boundaries, even the moving process. There are many things you need to know about your moving day before it comes, and through this process of learning, you’ll discover your capabilities.

Becoming Independent

Independence happens when we have no one else to rely on besides ourselves. Being in a new city means you may not know anyone yet. That’s OK. It will push you to do things on your own and find solutions you normally turn to others for.

Furthermore, it will force you to branch out and build new connections and relationships. You’ll need people eventually, but first, you’ll learn what you’re capable of by staying independent.

Courageous people aren’t immune to fear; they feel it just like everyone else. The trick is they don’t let that fear stop them from going for what they want. And that’s real courage: facing what scares us and deciding to do it anyway.

Think about your concerns, but don’t let fear control your thoughts. Bite the bullet and take the leap. Moving to a new city isn’t nearly as scary as you thought.

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedelhttps://www.logicalposition.com/
Felicia is a writer living in the Chicagoland area. She's creative, passionate and loves to share her thoughts on being your most authentic self. This is something she hopes to encourage those around her through the thoughtful and engaging pieces she creates. She hopes those around her use this to help them create a more beautiful life.

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