Beauty Meditation

The best thing that you can do to improve your appearance is to become at peace with yourself. Everything falls into place when you are at peace with your truth. And meditation is an excellent way to retrain yourself out of your habit for judging yourself and being unkind to yourself. Beauty meditation is simply meditating your way to learning to see your beauty at every stage of your life.

Meditating daily can help you to sleep better at night. And a peaceful, restful sleep will always help you to look and feel your best when you wake up in the morning. Being able to sleep soundly and peacefully at night is a process that does not just begin in the moments before you get into bed and close your eyes. Everything that you do, every thought that you think, every action that you take at every moment in your day is going to impact on your sleep. Because, as they say, it is during sleep that your brain will try to process everything that you fed into it while you were awake. So practice beauty meditation – preparing yourself mentally for a calm, rejuvenating sleep.

What is beauty meditation?

Beauty meditation is not really a thing. But meditating daily might help you come to terms with the things the you are struggling to accept about your physical appearance.

When people hear the word meditation they tend to imagine things like sitting in the lotus position and staring off into space trying to achieve stillness. Or they imagine someone chanting, the Dalai Lama, Buddha or any number of other imagery that is generally associated with meditation as depicted in media.

Meditation doesn’t have to involve yoga posing or chanting. So if you are not one to attempt yoga or to go around chanting, you can still add meditation to your daily routines for the purpose of getting better in touch with yourself.

We get caught up in trying to keep up with the expectations of the people around us who measure us according to factors such as how we look, what we own (the external and the material). Living this way, we build up a lot of stress. And the stress we build up affects how we look and feel.

If we spent the time we spend worrying about how we measure up to the arbitrary standards being set by the superficial people in our lives, focusing instead on learning to love and accept, treasure, value and celebrate ourselves, we might find that instead of feeling stress all the time we feel joy and peace. And everything in our lives, including our appearance, improves.

That is the idea behind beauty meditation….

In the process of meditating to strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally, you will in turn help yourself to glow from the inside out.

Be at peace with the ways of life. Aging is natural and unavoidable. No matter how hard you try, you will never defeat nature. So do not focus so much on trying to defeat nature for the purpose of avoiding the scorn that is cast in your direction by those who judge you by the way you look. Take care of yourself and you will reap the benefits of your effort. But do not obsess over your wrinkles and your changing face and body. Learn to see the beauty in all of life. You are part of the “all of life”. Learn to see the beauty in yourself at every stage of life.