The Making of a top Fashion blogger tip #2 Don’t flaunt it


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It’s true that they say if you’ve got it flaunt it; but what they really mean by that is that you shouldn’t try to hide and cover up your beauty just to make other people comfortable or to avoid situations where people might feel threatened by you. Make the most of what you have and don’t apologize or feel guilt over your physical advantages. But as a rule you should not make a point of showing off and seeking to inflate your ego by deflating the egos of others. Showing off should never be your goal in real life and certainly not on your fashion blog.

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Top fashion bloggers are popular because people like and admire them for their great style. But you can be sure that if they were obviously out there just flaunting their physical assets, or showing off their possessions to make other people feel jealous, they would not be top fashion bloggers. Not enough people would be following them on social media for them to get to that level.

Sensual attractive brunette woman posing over the window wearing sexy lingerie looking at camera

Definitely make the most of what you’ve got. Play up your best assets to get the best possible pictures, but don’t go out there showing off because that approach only works if you’re already somewhat famous or if you have enough money to buy your fans and followers. If your success is going to depend entirely on you getting people to like you the old fashioned way, then you need to be someone people feel they can relate to. Or even if they don’t feel like they can relate–maybe you’re just out of this world beautiful and they know that’s something they can never be–if you give them the sense that you’re down to earth and warm and friendly and approachable they will want to be part of your world. They will look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures. They will fan you and like you and follow you because you’re beautiful and you’re also nice. Even if you’re not necessarily beautiful, as long as you have stand-out style, you can gain popularity and become a top fashion blogger; but your goal needs to be to inspire your readers and win their admiration. You don’t want to inspire jealousy. So always be thinking about your audience. For a female fashion blogger your audience will be other women and while they will be okay with the occasional look at my awesome body photo spread, too many sexy photo shoots or pictures that are heavily beauty focused can make you come off looking like you’re all about showing off.

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