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Damage-Free Ways To Decorate Your Apartment

People living in an apartment may feel like they can’t decorate their space. They’re worried about damaging the walls. Good news! We’ve got damage-free ways to decorate your apartment that will add color and life to your home.

Adhesive Hooks

This invention has been a saving grace for renters and homeowners alike. Adhesive hooks make hanging photos and decor easy without damaging the walls. When you decide to rearrange the family photos, or you’re tired of the gallery wall, you can take everything down without putting holes in the wall.

Ensure you check the weight limit on the hook before you use it. Each type has a different one, and your paintings, photos, or decor could fall off the wall from being too heavy. You can even use these hooks as a renter-friendly way to hang curtains.

Vinyl Decals

You may associate vinyl stickers with kid’s rooms or bathrooms, but there are a variety of styles. Use floral vinyl decals to add depth to a stairwell. Find a favorite quote or phrase to place on your bedroom wall in vinyl sticker form. It may spark inspiration each morning.

Once finished with that particular style, peel the sticker away without worrying about damage. Then, you can add a new set of vinyl decals or something different.

Add Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Is there anything more lovely than a fresh bouquet on the dining room table? Many people love having fresh flowers or other greenery. You can attach small potted plants to light sources or shelving. Greenery brings a pop of color into any space while helping you breathe better.

Don’t feel ashamed if you’d prefer fake flowers to real ones. They can save you money and are easier to care for than the real deal. If you opt for real greenery, ensure you care for them properly.

Reimagine Storage Space

Some new cabinets or shelving can help bring new life to a space. It provides additional storage space for books, games, puzzles, toys, or kitchen gadgets.

Tall bookshelves are excellent because they utilize unused vertical storage space. Plus, the room will feel more open and less cluttered.

Any of these ideas will decorate your apartment with zero damage. You can use one or use them all. Find ways to add your favorite looks to your home.

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