Benefits of Booking Vacations Direct With the Host


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When it comes to your travel plans, there are an astronomical number of ways you can plan and execute what you’re looking for. One of the most common things people do is book their stays via a third-party source. And while this can work in some cases, in other cases, you can miss out on a variety of vacation perks. Below we discuss the benefits of booking directly with your vacation host, so you can make the most of your trip.

Overall Cost Benefits

Booking your vacation stay directly through the host can help you save a few dollars. These things matter when vacationing because it could be the difference between eating in your accommodations the entire trip or enjoying a nice meal out a few times.

Often, third-party sites or vacation rental apps charge additional service fees, cleaning fees, and assurance-type fees. These fees ensure the apps and the host site make money while also covering the cost of your intended rental space. Skip this step and go directly to the source to avoid paying additional money you could use during your holiday.

The Terms and Conditions

Each vacation rental space, regardless of location, length of stay, and number of guests, will contain a series of renter’s terms and conditions. It is very common for renters to skim through these documents and sign on the dotted lines to receive the room or house key and settle in faster.

Signing these documents without thoroughly reading them is a relatively common mistake that many make with rentals of any type. But do your best to read through all the agreements, forms, and space specifications to ensure you optimize your stay, avoid damage fees at checkout, or make a mistake while in the space that was otherwise outlined in the agreement forms.

Customer Experiences

Individuals who work in hospitality do more than hand you a key and process your payment. They typically receive thorough training and education in hosting and entertaining the public.

Customer service reps are excellent resources for helping you plan your vacation experiences while providing you with top-notch service, often making you feel like family at your destination. When you don’t book directly through the host, you essentially skip out on being able to receive any level of customer service, and this can hinder the relationship between you and the host when you arrive.

Personal And Professional Tips

A significant part of receiving top-notch service and an overall enjoyable customer experience is asking for and receiving personal or professional tips from the staff. Again, these individuals are generally well-versed in the local community and can provide you with popular events, places, or sites.

It’s not uncommon to receive a suggestion from the rep at the front desk, and their recommendation becomes one of the highlights of your vacation. Remember, they see guests come and go and hear all about what is and is not worth experiencing in the area.

The benefits of booking your vacation directly with the host are astounding when you think about the time and money savings. Whether you book through the host’s website or give them a call, they are more than happy to welcome you!

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel
Felicia is a writer living in the Chicagoland area. She's creative, passionate and loves to share her thoughts on being your most authentic self. This is something she hopes to encourage those around her through the thoughtful and engaging pieces she creates. She hopes those around her use this to help them create a more beautiful life.


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