Avenue Sixty Writing Staff

Hello, I'm Adela Lewis aka singer songwriter Adelamonica. I am the founder of avenuesixty.com. Aside from singing and songwriting, I enjoy writing in general, modeling, dancing and doing things that bring some little joy to my experience of living. I am also an active freelance web developer, graphics designer and (once prolific but now on hiatus) web applications developer.

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Elastic waist MANGO skinny Jeans Piti6

MANGO skinny Jeans Skinny blue jeans with an elastic waist band. Jeans are 75% cotton 23% polyester 2% elastane. The lack of zipper and traditional jeans belt...

Belted sleeveless tangerine dress MANGO

Belted sleeveless (bright orange) tangerine dress with a cute girly style. This dress from Mango has a draped style with a shoulder strap and pockets. Dress...

Longline Gassato Cashmere cardigan from Pure Collection

Pure Collection Classic Cashmere Cardigan This Longline Gassato Cashmere cardigan from Pure Collection comes in barley, cool lilac, french navy, glacier, iced mocha, misty lilac,...