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3 Most Relaxing Wellness Retreats in the United States

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and achieve complete relaxation, a trip to a wellness retreat may be the ideal solution. Wellness resorts offer a wide variety of programs focused on improving your mental health and overall lifestyle. Take a deep breath and continue reading to discover the most relaxing wellness retreats in the United States.

Castle Hot Springs, Morristown, AZ

Castle Hot Springs is a top wellness resort located at the foot of the Bradshaw Mountains in Arizona. Its deep rock springs are known for restoring the soul through their healing properties. As such, the resort takes full advantage of its unique location. A day at Castle Hot Springs may include a relaxing dip in the hot springs or an adventure in the Sonoran Desert. You can truly unplug at this wellness retreat and enjoy luxurious services designed by knowledgeable therapists.

Popular activities include paddleboard yoga in the hot springs, sound bath sessions, and scenic bike tours. Castle Hot Springs also offers delicious farm-to-table dining options to enjoy after a long day in the geothermal mineral springs.

Amangiri, Canyon Point, UT

Located on the Colorado Plateau, Amangiri spans almost 1,000 acres. The views at this resort are truly breathtaking thanks to the surrounding red rock landscape. Due to its location, spa treatments at Amangiri are largely influenced by Navajo wellness traditions. For example, the Grounding Journey combines three different treatments to help you reconnect with your inner spirit and the world around you. A body polish and wrap, full-body massage, and scalp treatment will leave you feeling rested and restored.

You can also participate in guided meditation, learn about ancient spiritual teachings, and practice yoga in the vast Utah desert.

Shou Sugi Ban House, Water Mill, NY

If you’re looking for one of the most relaxing wellness retreats in the Hamptons, look no further than Shou Sugi Ban House. This resort is inspired by the Japanese principles of exploration and openness, so you can expect a wide variety of tranquil accommodations and offerings. Whether you’re interested in spa treatments, nutrition, fitness, or healing arts, Shou Sugi Ban House offers the perfect wellness experience in an educational, holistic setting. You can also enjoy plant-rich meals, hydrotherapy, meditation classes, culinary demonstrations, and so much more.

Shou Sugi Ban has a strong focus on sustainability and emphasizes the important connection between your health and the health of the planet. Therefore, the overall operation of the resort is rooted in eco-friendly practices.

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