Most of the material that I need to attempt to turn my drawing below into an actual dress have arrived. I still have to figure out how I’m going to handle the fish scales part and the bead trim. Once I figure that out I’ll get the material. But I suspect I’ll probably have to veer away from the design a bit.

monica designs green mesh sequin satin gown
monica’s green mesh sequin satin gown design

The fabric I purchased was a kelly green slipper satin (3 yards). It’s actually not the color I expected it to be; but it will still work. I also purchased a mint green slipper satin (1.5 yards). This one is also not quite the color I expected. And the same goes for the ‘celery green’ ribbon I purchased. But I’ll have to make these colors work. This is just for fun and experimentation after all. No need to stress over the colors not being what I expected.

I’ll probably get started on the dress after I have all the material I need. In the meantime, I had a little fun today trying to think up dress designs. Here are a couple of experiments I pinned together on Justine the Mannequin.

monica designs green mesh sequin satin gown slipper satin fabric1
Playing with the green satin fabric on Justine the Mannequin

It will be good for the new year to get started so that things can settle down. 2016 was a crazy year, and who knows what 2017 has in store? It’s tempting to burrow even deeper into a hole and hide away from the world as things get more and more insane; but I can tell you, time doesn’t wait for you to get the courage to come out of your hole and start living your life. It passes and leaves you. But it doesn’t leave you in tact while it passes by. It still changes you and takes ‘your time’ away from you.

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope that 2017 will be a successful year for all of you in whatever your goals, ambitions and dreams. If you’re struggling to keep on going due to not being able to see any reward for the work you’re doing, don’t give in to the impulse to quit. Keep going hard after your dreams.


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