Victoria Beckham owns numerous Birkin bags. I don’t know if these numbers are accurate or not but I read that she owns at least 100 Birkin bags and that her collection is worth roughly 2.5 million US dollars.Victoria Beckham with some of her Hermes Birkin bags

How many Hermes Birkin bags do you own?

Asking this question I envision the face of that girl from high school who asked me “how many pirouettes can you do?” when she was testing me to see if I was lying about being a ballerina. I said I could do 100 pirouettes. I think I’ve told this story before. If you’re a dancer you don’t need to be told how I betrayed myself with my answer to that question. Here’s a video showing a dancer demonstrating her world record-holding ability to do 36 pirouttes.

To my understanding the new record for the most number of pirouettes ever done by a dancer is 44 pirouettes. I guess the reason the girl gave me a look of disgust and walked away when I said I could do 100 pirouettes was because she knew no one who knew anything about ballet would say they could do 100 pirouettes even to tell a lie.

I own zero [0] Hermes Birkin bags.

I suspect girls who own Hermes bags are too busy jet-setting around the globe to have time to write on blogs. They have instagram and tumblr pages instead and post pictures of themselves sitting on their private jets with their Hermes bags in their laps.

For the rest of us there’s no more buying one Hermes Birkin bag much less two when we’re feeling down and blue. Some of us can’t even afford a replica birkin bag. Although personally I would not want to be walking around with a Birkin bag knock off. All that does is tells the world I wish I had a Birkin bag but I can’t afford a real birkin bag so I bought a fake birkin bag and I’m walking around trying to act like I have a Birkin bag. I’d rather just do without a Birkin bag.

Hermes Rouge Casaque Red Togo Leather 35cm Birkin Bag ($21,995),

Hermes Rouge Casaque Red Togo Leather 35cm Birkin Bag

Buy It!

A pristine condition 35cm Birkin in beautiful rare new rouge casaque color the brightest red from Hermes. Done in togo leather with palladium hardware.This bag comes with lock keys clochette a sleeper for the bag rain protector and box.

Birkin bags would appear to be something of a status symbol for women who can afford the brand. For the price of some Birkin bags a person could afford to buy a house. Granted it would not be a dream house; but there are houses that cost less than the cost of some Birkins bags.

Hermes Black Porosus Crocodile 35cm Birkin Bag Gold Hardware ($85,000),

Hermes Black Porosus Crocodile 35cm Birkin Bag Gold Hardware

Hermes Black Porosus Crocodile 35cm Birkin Bag Gold Hardware

Buy It!

Hermes 35cm Birkin in a lethal combination of incredible black Porosus Crocodile and gold hardware. The scales are gorgeous. This bag is stunning!

Stamped P

Measurements: 14″L x 11″H x 7″D
Handles: 5″

Purchase includes: lock keys, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector box cites.

Pristine, unworn condition. Never carried. Plastic is still on all of the hardware.

I ask myself: If you came into a lot of money would you buy a Birkin bag for $85,000?
I answer myself: $85,000 is a lot of money. If I could get my hands on $85,000 right now it would be like winning the lottery. There’s a lot I could do with $85,000. I could become debt-free. I could pay to get one or two of my songs professionally produced. I could possibly even get one of my short film ideas produced. Obviously these would be low budget productions but right now I can’t afford low budget much less high budget so being able to afford low budget would be awesome. If I had $85,000 I could also afford to pay a writing coach to work with me to try to get at least one of my novels in progress finished. I could afford the medical procedure I have needed since 2009 but still can’t afford. There’s so much I could do with $85,000. So knowing that $85,000 is a lot of money to someone in my position I am not sure that if I came into a lot of money like say 200+ million dollars like those two people just did who won Mega Millions the other day that I would have the courage to spend $85,000 on a bag even if it’s the prestigious Hermes Birkin bag.

Hermes Birkin 35cm Rose Lipstick Pink Bag ($29,750),

Hermes Birkin 35cm Rose Lipstick Pink Bag
Buy It!

Hermes Birkin in pristine condition.
This hard-to-find color is “U5 Rose Lipstick Pink.”
Gold hardware.
The bag’s Togo leather is textured to be scratch resistant.
Comes with lock keys, clochette, sleepers raincoat and orange Hermes box with ribbon.

Hermes Iris Togo Leather 35cm Birkin Bag ($23,850),

Hermes Iris Togo Leather 35cm Birkin Bag

Buy It!

Hermes Birkin Bag 35cm in Iris with Chevre Interior Leather and Palladium Hardware in beautiful Togo Leather

This bag is brand new with original box and accessories

Pristine Condition

Hermes Izmir Blue 35cm Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware ($23,795)

Hermes Izmir Blue 35cm Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware
Buy It!

Hermes 35cm Birkin in beautiful Blue Izmir

Clemence leather with Palladium Hardware

This bag comes with lock keys, clochette, a sleeper for the bag and rain protector box

The bag is brand new stamp Q.

Pristine Condition

I’m wondering why Victoria Beckham felt like she needed that many Birkin bags assuming she does indeed have at least 100. With such an exorbitant price tag just one bag makes the point that you’re fabulously rich. One Birkin bag is all a girl needs to know she’s in the big leagues. I mean didn’t I hear that you have to qualify for a waiting list to get one of these bags assuming you’re not buying pre-owned from places like Your Birkin-worthiness is established just by getting on that waiting list; and once you get your first birkin bag you should be set for life. You have no need to buy another 99 birkin bags; but hey as long as Victoria is happy–that’s really all that matters in the end.



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