Here’s another maxi dress that I would get if I could afford it. It’s the Tt Collection Women’s Jilla Maxi Dress. I would get this in both white and red.

The only thing I don’t like is that the dress is dry clean only.

I wonder what the fashion rules are regarding women who are five feet and four inches tall wearing maxi dresses. Do maxi dresses look better on taller women than on shorter women?

This Tt Collection Women’s Jilla Maxi Dress is 100% silk. I don’t think I have anything that’s 100% silk in my wardrobe; but that doesn’t exactly constitute a crisis.

I think this particular style of dress would be good for someone with my little fibroid problem as long as the overhanging tiered part of the dress fully covers the stomach area. If not” maybe I might have to wait until I get rid of my fibroids to get this dress.

Tt Collection Womens Jilla Maxi Dress

Maybe next I will go imaginary shopping for some nice flat sandals to wear with my imagined new maxi dresses; but before I do that I need to go and do some writing. I’ve been busy working on my novel. I know I said in another post that I was putting the novel with Salima in it on hold” but I came across a version of that novel and loved it and started working on it again. Salima doesn’t really play a prominent role in the novel. The novel is really about a girl named Mollicent. Yeah I know it’s an odd name. She doesn’t like it either.

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