Is it crazy wearing jeans in the summer heat?

The last few times I’ve gone out it’s been extremely hot and I’ve worn fitted jeans.

I suspect for some people wearing jeans in the summer heat is crazy. I have to say though, I was far more comfortable in my jeans than on the occasion when I chanced to wear shorts. I found it was way too hot for shorts.

But too hot for shorts probably doesn’t justify wearing jeans in the summer heat. After all, there are alternatives such as loose-fitting trousers made of a more summer heat friendly material. Or summery dresses and skirts.

But with my wardrobe still decidedly lacking my options are limited. I have no loose-fitting trousers made of a lightweight material. And I have no summery dresses and skirts. So my jeans are my go-to items when I step out.

Yesterday’s outfit…

denim shirt black tank blue jeans 2Remember the mannequin I bought last year? I haven’t done much with her lately. But I dressed her in the outfit I wore yesterday and took some pictures.

My outfit comprised of a pair of Hollister jeans, a 7 for All Mankind denim shirt and a black tank top.

The bag I’ve propped on the mannequin’s arm was a gift from my sister a couple December holiday’s ago. I didn’t actually use that bag with the outfit. I used my black JustFab faux leather bag. And I wore the JustFab Belen sandals I bought back in June.

For the most part I was comfortable enough wearing jeans in the summer heat?

I’m sure I would have been a lot more comfortable wearing something looser and made of a lighter material. But my Hollister jeans and 7 For All Mankind skirt were comfortable enough. Wearing sandals helped to make the look more season appropriate. It’s a look probably better suited to early fall before the temperature begins to dip to the point of needing a jacket.

Speaking of jackets…

Today’s outfit was definitely more crazy for the summer heat than yesterday’s. Today I wore a lightweight flowy short straps dress as a top over a pair of shorts. Sounds perfectly summer heat appropriate right? But I added a lined black blazer. And it was hot as heck today. I don’t think I need to tell you the effect of wearing a lined black blazer in scorching heat. But I needed the blazer to help cover up my problem areas.

Note: Graffiti background was added to Mannequin image using Photoshop. Graffiti background via


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