I love this blend of blue yellow and red. Love and want the dress. It’s a $365 Ted Baker HAYLEA pleated maxi dress.

Miss Sunshine

The Dress

Ted Baker dress

The shoes I already mentioned in Modcloth Color Process pink orange blue yellow print scarf where I used them in one of my sets. They are $840 so you know it’ll be a cold day in hell before I can afford them. They are the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute high heel patent sandals.

They are red textured patent leather. The heels of these shoes are 5.5 inches.

Don’t think I can walk in 5.5 inch heels even if there’s a supporting 1.5 inch platform which I suppose makes the 5.5 inch heel feel more like 4 inches. I struggle with 3 inch heels.

Just to have these shoes to look at and enjoy the prettiness of the red textured patent leather I’d probably still buy them if I was a rich lady for whom $840 was like $8.40 for a poor girl.

This Tribute sandal comes in a variety of other colors.


Yves Saint Laurent sandals

The bag would be nice to have as well but at $1,253 it’s a wee bit out of budget. I also love and want the hat; but it’s also too expensive at $300. Even the belt is a little pricey at $95.

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