Although I probably wouldn’t wear it myself I like this outfit idea featuring a green Steven Alan Harvey scoop neck tank and a YVES SAINT LAURENT magenta paisley trousers.

Wearing a green top with magenta paisley trousers

I have to admit I think the price is the YVES SAINT LAURENT magenta paisley trousers is kinda sorta ridiculous. It’s $2 105. I get that it’s pure silk and that’s a whole lotta pure silk but geez $2 ,105? Come on.

Prices of items in set

  • YVES SAINT LAURENT magenta paisley trousers – $2,105
  • Cole Haan Vintage Valise Kendra East/West Tote Bag – $378
  • White top with paisley scarf tie – $220
  • D&G DOLCE & GABBANA Blush Ruffled Sheer Top – $231
  • Steven Alan Harvey Tank – $99
  • Madison Harding Women’s Dolly Platform Sandal – $237
  • Mickey Lynn Stalactite Silk Ribbon Necklace – $98
  • FALIERO SARTI pink silk cashmere scarf – $505

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