Once your bags are packed, you are ready to go! Or not…

What about your outfit?

No matter how far you are traveling, no matter if you are taking the train, the plane or you are going by car, being comfortable is important. Being stylish is just as important.


Tips and tricks

1. A loose fit blouse or T-shirt will be more than comfortable! It will also be stylish combined with leggings.

2. Go for pants or trousers that are really comfortable! Leggings are a good option since they don’t have buttons and buckles that might disturb you when sitting for a longer time.

3. Choose looser shoes! Your feet might get swollen if you are sitting for a long time! I would never choose high heels, for exemple!

4. Keep a cardigan handy! You never know when you might need it!

5. Minimize your jewelry if you are flying! You don’t want to be the one to remove every piece of jewerly, one by one, before going through airport security.

My travel outfit



For this outfit I went with a loose fit blouse and leggings. The buckle is pretty loose too and it contains no metal so I’m good. I purchased the luggage from Venice, Italy a couple of years ago. A whole house can fit in it and it is still considered a hand luggage at the airport. The world map print on it makes it perfect.

Patricia Nash’s Stressa Overnighter and her Milano Weekender Signature Map luggages are pretty similar to mine.


Your opinion

What do you wear when you’re traveling?

Is it more important to you to feel comfortable or style while traveling?


Enjoy your colors!





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