A girl can probably survive just fine even if she doesn’t have any red clutch purses in her closet. But just because you don’t need a red clutch purse doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a red clutch purse. Or even 2. Or 5? Why not? Get as many red clutch purses as your heart desires as long as you won’t go broke in the process.

Our top 5 designer red clutch purses


J.W. Anderson Twisted red clutch purse

J.W. Anderson Twisted red leather clutch

Saw this gorgeous red clutch purse on Moda Operandi while browsing through their hot designer bags collection.

This clutch is from J.W. Anderson. It’s described as a “Twisted Leather Clutch”. The twisted part is at the handle.

This is a tomato red bovine leather clutch. It comes with a $1,950 price tag.

If you’ve got the funds why not add it to your collection of red clutch purses?


Proenza Schouler Large red Leather Lunch Bag

Proenza Schouler Large red Leather Lunch Bag

If the J.W. Anderson clutch is out of your price range and you’re looking to add a high end designer clutch to your collection of red clutch purses, this Proenza Schouler clutch might be a more affordable option for you. At $950 it’s $1000 cheaper than the J.W Anderson clutch. Moda Operandi describes this clutch as one that “exudes a minimalist touch with maximum impact…”


Valentino red Scarab Fringed Leather Clutch

Valentino Scarab Fringed Leather Clutch

This Valentino textured red clutch purse rivals the J.W. Anderson clutch in price. To get it you’re going to need to have $1,875 at your disposal. Or you’ll need to get really lucky and find it on sale somewhere on the web at 70% off ($572.50). This clutch features a matte gold scarab embellishment and fringes. It’s a zip top clutch which includes an inside slot pocket.


Red sheepskin biker clutch from Moschino

Red sheepskin biker clutch from Moschino

For just over $1000 you can get biker girl chic with a red sheepskin biker clutch from Moschino. Add this Moschino clutch to your collection of red clutch purses for $1,074.00. Clutch features a top zip fastening, gold-tone hardware, a wrist strap and front zip details.


Lanvin red colour block box clutch

Red and blue silk and metal colour block box clutch from Lanvin

This is actually a two-tone red clutch purse. It’s red silk on the front and blue silk on the back. It’s a box clutch with an optional chain strap. For $1,785.00 you can add this Lanvin purse to your collection of red clutch purses.

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