We’ve been crushing on the Summer15 Tory Burch bags for a while now.

While browsing the @toryburch instagram page we saw pictures of two Tory Burch bags we wouldn’t mind adding to our bag collection.

The “neptune” blue mini bucket bag comes with a $495 price tag. Love how cute it looks. But according to the description on the website it can only hold “the bare essentials”.

We probably wouldn’t get that much use of of this bag if all it can hold are the bare essentials. This would be a bag you carry only if you get around in a car or something. At least you could have all the other stuff you need in your car. But when you don’t have the option to run out and get something out of the car, you necessarily must have a bigger bag to carry around all the things to which you’ll need access while you’re out.

The bag is made of leather and features a top handle, a drawstring and an adjustable cross-body strap.

This is how the mini bucket bag looks being carried…

The bag also comes in the shades barrel/white and blaze red. The model is holding the barrel/white

tory burch bucket bag
Image via toryburch.com

Tory Burch bags have seen a pretty steady growth in popularity over the years…

We started noticing Tory Burch bags a few years ago. The designs were always attractive and the bags always looked well made. Of course we have never actually owned a Tory Burch bag, so we’re not saying the bags are in fact well made. Only that they have always looked like expensive bags tend to look by comparison to not expensive bags.

Tory Burch Color-block tote

Tory Burch color block tote
Image via @toryburch Instagram page

This bag comes with a $695 price tag. It’s described as a color block tote that features “a bold, graphic print and sculptural, natural-wood handles”. Other colors include natural/golden sun and natural/masaai red.

The natural/masaai red

Tory Burch color block tote natural masaai red
Image via toryburch.com

We envision styling this with cognac sandals, those pink Valentino culottes and a nice white top. Maybe a statement necklace with some red to go with the red leather part of the bag.

The Natural/Golden Sun

Tory Burch color block tote bag natural golden sun
Image via toryburch.com


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