These Fendi blouses range in price from $950 – $1700. They are from the brand’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection.

Fendi blouses printed silk blouse
Fendi printed silk blouse ($1450)
Fendi blouses black silk crepe fendi blouse 950
Fendi black silk crepe blouse ($950)
Fendi blouses printed blouse with silk
Fendi printed blouse with silk ($1700)
Fendi white silk crepe blouse
Fendi white silk crepe blouse (1550)

If you are shopping for blouses, specifically Fendi blouses, you can find these at Get there before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ends and you might even be able to get your favorite at a discounted price.

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I’m not particularly insanely crazy for any of these Fendi blouses. I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not being able to afford to buy them; but as blouses go, I do like the styles enough that I would buy similar styles if I could find similar, but affordably priced styles.

I said the other day that I find fashion boring, and it’s true. But I wear clothes, which means I still have to buy clothes. And no matter how we feel about fashion, I think everybody has some interest in style. Because no one just goes into a store and grabs the first thing they see regardless if they like it or not. We all have things we like enough to buy and things we don’t. So a person can find the industry and world of fashion boring. And they can even find the bulk of styles available boring. It doesn’t meant that person doesn’t still shop and isn’t still faced with having to make a chose between one item or another based on how they feel about the item. So, I would definitely find occasion to wear these Fendi blouses if I had them in my closet. More so the first three than the last one.

What about you? Do you like any of these Fendi blouses? And would you pay between $950 – $1700 to buy a blouse?



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