Inspired by my dear colleague and editor in chief of My Fashion Wants, Monica, and her brilliant #30DaysChallenge to live a more fulfilling life, I decided that I can do a lot more than just read her articles while eating ice-cream.

I must admit it took me a few days to take the decision. Before starting the challenge, I wanted to understand what would a more fulfilling life mean to me. First, given the fact that I suffer from GAD, doing the right things to avoid any panic attacks would be awesome. Second, I’m always scared of everything so taking some risks would be really nice, maybe just to prove the world isn’t such a scarry place after all. Third, I’m very sensitive when it comes to external factors and anything can change my mood in a second.

These 3 aspects are interdependent so, during these #30days I will have to build bridges between them.

The first day happens to be a Saturday, right after a long and hot week. I wanted to start today because I have enough time to concentrate on myself and my needs, since I’m not working fulltime during the weekends.

I woke up and realized that I will have to set the right environment for my next 30 days. I spend most of my time at home, since I’m lucky enough to be able to do my job from my desk in the living room. Knowing this, the first thing I did today was cleaning the entire flat and declutter my desk. I felt so much better in just 30 minutes!

The next step was to realize that I spend a lot of time on Social Media. My job requieres it, but I also like it. During the time spent on Facebook, for exemple, I am exposed, like everyone else using this social media platform, to all sort of information. Some of it is motivating, some is just frustrating, most of it is useless. I had to do something about it. I have 990 friends. I have no idea who 80% of them are and why are we friends. Truth to be told, I need a large number of friends due to my job, but I don’t need to see all the info and updates from them. So, instead of unfriending them, closing my account or trying to limit my time spent on Facebook, I just selected 20 friends I really want to keep in touch with and I unfollowed the rest of them. While eating ice-cream, obviously. Goodbye tons of wedding pictures, clubbing pictures and sad status messages.


The cleaning continued to the pages I liked and followed. Liking 3000 pages is absurd so, after cleaning, I only like and follow the ones that really interest me, about 150. There is a huge change in my Newsfeed and I’m so happy about it! Decluttering your home is great, but decluttering your social media is absolutely amazing!

We don’t even realize what a huge influence social media has on us, not only helping us procastinate, but playing games with our brains.

#The30DaysChallenge will be a long journey and I’m sure it will bring many changes in my life. Now that I have decluttered my home and my social media, I feel more prepared to spend quality time with myself and my friends, focusing on what really matters to me.

Join #the30DaysChallenge! It’s something simple and meant to make you a happier person! Send us an article or pictures with one or more days doing the challenge! We would be so happy to know more about you!





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