Lazy Sundays, stay away from me!

All winter long I’ve been saving Sundays for reading and catching up with TV series. It was either too cold, too dark, too rainy or too snowy to go out. So I wasn’t really in the right mood to go out and my Sundays were filled with laziness and sweatpants. But, hey! It’s Spring time! The Sun is shining and I feel alive again!

My sweatpants and TV series will have to wait for a while, because I spent this Sunday visiting friends.

My Sunday outfitIMG_7292

I chose a loose fit blouse because I wanted to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. This blouse goes very well with my black leggings that I can only wear on weekends, since all my weekdays are filled with office clothing. The black boots were still a must because my friends live on the countryside.

This Sunday look made me comfortable and fashionable while visiting my friends. I was able to play with their 9 year old daughter without feeling strangled by tight clothing, which was a plus.



To me, Sundays are for relaxing! Visiting our loved ones, taking a walk in the park or going to the movies are activities that shouldn’t require formal or uncomfortable outfits. Sundays are for fun so go for something that makes you feel good and free!


Your opinion

What do you wear on Sundays?

What would you change about my outfit?


Enjoy your colors!





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