The Reese Witherspoon guide to a happy life

Reese Witherspoon 4th July 2015 picnic in Draper James Girl dress
Looking for a visual guide to a happy life? You should definitely check out Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram page.

We admit it. We want Reese Witherspoon’s life. She always looks so vibrant and happy. It isn’t so much that we want her wealth and status. Money would be nice. We’d love to have at least enough to afford a Draper James Girl dress or two (it’s not even like her line is outrageously expensive). But the gods seem to think we’re still not working hard enough to deserve money. Don’t know what it’s going to take to please them at this point. We continue to try; but they continue to reward us with air. But at least we’re getting air. Can’t live without air now can we?

Reese’s is one of the Instagram pages that we visit when we need a little inspiration to keep working hard in the hope that the gods will eventually decide we deserve a little reward for effort. She manages to give hints and tips for a happy life through the pics she shares of herself living her happy life. Like those pics from Memorial Day back in May when she wore that kaftan from her Draper James Girl clothing line.

Reese Witherspoon Draper James kiawah cover-up Memorial Day
Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram page
Reese Witherspoon makes us want a Draper James kiawah cover-up
Image via @draperjamesgirl Instagram page
She inspired us then to:
  • Allot more time for rest and relaxation
  • Enhance our lives with color
  • Treat ourselves like we deserve to experience joy in our lives
  • Want more out of life for ourselves
  • Smile and laugh more
  • Take what we have and make the most of it and stop dwelling on what we don’t have
  • Seek serenity in our lives and try to live in peace and harmony with the world around us

We were on her Instagram page a moment ago and it looks like she had herself quite a blast over the July 4th weekend. We didn’t do anything ourselves. Seeing Reese’s pictures makes us wish we had made use of the opportunity go out and live a little. But you don’t really need an official holiday for that. Every day that you wake up is a new opportunity to do something that’s about living and having a little fun with friends and family.

We’ve used Reese Witherspoon’s instagram as inspiration for this short guide to a happy life…

The My Fashion Wants Guide to a happy life…
  1. Live well – living well would encompass eating well, getting exercise, getting an adequate amount of rest, making time for play, striving for physical, emotional and mental balance
  2. Take good care of yourself head to toe inside and out – love and take care of every part of your body. Your hair, your skin, your nails, all your internal organs, fingers, toes, eyes, nose — love and look after every pore of your being.
  3. Treat yourself well – there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself things you like. You won’t get a reward for your choice to deny yourself things because you think it’s materialistic to buy a bracelet or a new pair of shoes. Depriving yourself is not an act of love. No one’s saying go overboard to where it becomes obscene how much you spend and how often you shop. But if you desire something and you can afford to get it for yourself, get it. You’re only here for a minute. Do whatever is in your power to do to balance the inevitable pain and sorrow that comes with life with some joyful experiences. Even if joy comes in the form of things.
  4. Spend quality time with family and friends
  5. Honor yourself and have gratitude for life
  6. Fill your life with love and laughter.
  7. Have a positive attitude
  8. Have a loving spirit
  9. Be kind to yourself
  10. Be kind to others
  11. Be thoughtful
  12. Be approachable
  13. Smile at people – You can turn someone’s day around with just a smile and a hello.
  14. Be friendly
  15. Live your life as fully as you possibly can regardless how much or how little you have
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