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The Annie Leibovitz Lindsey Vonn photo for Vogue

The Annie Leibovitz Lindsay Vonn photo for Vogue
Image © Vogue

Can you believe Fall is around the corner? Yeah okay so we have a good few weeks to go but these days you blink your eyes and and a good few weeks have passed.

Lindsey Vonn makes an appearance in the August 2013 issue of Vogue magazine. I was just looking at the cover with Claire Daines and saw that one of the features inside the issue is about Fall looks–that’s what put the thought in my head that fall is around the corner and it will soon be time to put away the short shorts and gladiator sandals and pull out the trench coats and suede booties.

In fact Claire Danes is wearing a trench coat in the cover photo. Looks like a Burberry trench coat; but back to the matter at hand. I’m not sure how I feel about the Annie Leibovitz Lindsey Vonn photo for Vogue. I get the point. Lindsey Vonn is a skier but I’m still not necessarily in love with the pose. Maybe if she wasn’t on top of a table?

Everything in the photo is nice. Lindsey looks great. She’s beautiful and she’s sexy. The dress is elegant and sexy in the way it’s blowing in the wind? But I don’t know–I’m not feeling the pose.

Vogue article featuring Lindsey

In other unrelated news. Do tattoos and designer dresses go together? I’m just wondering. I saw a picture of a woman named Jennifer Richardson. She’s described by the New York Daily News as NBA star and Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom’s alleged mistress. She’s wearing what looks like an Herve Leger bandage dress. She has some fairly extensive and colorful tattoo work on her right shoulder. It looks to be maybe too much to elegantly carry off the dress. Then again the dress wasn’t designed to be elegant. It does after all have quite a bit in the way of cut-out detailing at the bosom (see dress),. So maybe the style of dress works with the tattoos?

The dress looks like the Herve Leger Sofia Bandage Organza Cutout Pannier Dress In nude beige. It’s been seen on Kim Kardashian and Holly Madison as shown in the set created by polyvore member  8 months ago

Herve Leger Sofia Organza Cutout Pannier Dress Nude

Herve Leger Sofia Organza Cutout Pannier Dress Nude by shoeswithredsoles featuring red sole shoes

You probably won’t ever see Lindsey Vonn in this style of dress; but then what do I know about Lindsey Vonn’s fashion sense? Absolutely nothing. Just randomly and arbitrarily speculating that that Tiger picks ladies who dress more sexily for casual fun and ladies with a more demure look for wives and girlfriends.

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