I wear skirt dresses a lot. In my case they weren’t made to be skirt dresses. They were made to be skirts and I just end up pulling them all the way up and wearing them like dresses. Even so there’s something about seeing something that looks like a skirt being sold as a dress.

Valentino dress

I do like the dress. I love the color and the lace. I don’t know how comfortable it would be as the description says there is a boned and underwired corset concealed somewhere in there. I’m inclined to think there was an error in the description.

Here’s a gorgeous set that uses the dress as a skirt.

So glamourous

Everything in the set is super expensive. The dress like the title says is $6 230. The shoes are an $895 pair of Valentino Couture Lace Platform d’Orsay pumps. The bag is also from Valentino. It’s $2 595. It’s made of 75% Lambskin 10% Acetate 10% Calf-skin leather. The top is a Blush sheer lace Valentino appliqued blouse that costs $3,285.

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