Black Salvatore Ferragamo dress ribbed sweater dress

Available via this Salvatore Ferragamo dress is a ribbed sweater dress made of 100% virgin wool. Designed for a classic fit, this above-the-knee length dress features long sleeves, a deep v-neckline, and contrast all-over ribbing. Comes with a $1,315 price tag.

The closet tale – Stella – The Salvatore Ferragamo Dress

Sometimes there is that moment when magic happens and you know that you have found your home. I am Stella; I am a lovely Salvatore Ferragamo dress with a perfect deep V neckline that looks perfect on any woman. I have an empire waist line that is perfect for showing the curves of every woman and ensuring that any woman who tries me on looks like a million dollars. I was designed on the racks in Italy and then I was shipped to New York where I sat in a warehouse for many months, waiting to be bought by the right woman.

Then as if by a miracle one day, I was purchased online by Maxine, she was a gorgeous and divorced executive from Vogue magazine and she knew classic when she saw it. Although Maxine was a powerful career woman who never compromised on anything, the one place that she did seem to compromise was on her love life. She never seemed to go on dates and often spent her weekends in front of the television with some ice cream. Maxine had incredible creamy skin and beautiful flame hair. When I arrived at her doorstep she picked me up out of the box and slid me on and it was a perfect fit. I loved every moment of wrapping myself around her curves and making her feel like a million dollars.

One fateful morning when Maxine was in a hurry she decided that it was time to try me on and she wore me to the office. Every head in the office was turning, this was a change of pace from Maxine’s power suits and her power pumps. She instead was turning the heads of every man who was in the place and they could not help but look. She was after all very beautiful. As she was getting a cup of coffee the new guy from accounting, who looked strangely like Patrick Swayze came up to her.

“Hi, I am Dave! Would you like to go to lunch with me?” Dave asked shyly.

Sure, Maxine said and out we went. Dave as it turns out was quite the gentleman and he had a nice smile, dimples, and a lovely Ferrari. Maxine had always dreamed of a ride in a Ferrari but she did not expect it to happen so soon. As Maxine spent her time with Dave she was hoping that by the end of this meal that she would end up with a second date. The two of them were discussing the usual office politics and then she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Would you like to see a movie with me on Friday?” Maxine asked in the middle of their conversation.

Dave said sure and she was excited she had gotten a second date! There was no pussy footing around this either, she knew that he was going to be someone she would love. She decided she better go home and find another sexy Salvatore Ferragamo dress for the event!


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