Anastazio Kotsopoulos is a designer based in Athens Greece, who specializes in handmade jewelry design and construction.

For ladies with the bank account to afford Anastazio Kotsopoulos Jewelry, the designer promises you “exceptional high jewelry masterpieces” that will “inspire beauty and confidence”. Anastazio Kotsopoulos jewelryAnastazio Kotsopoulos jewelry - Shoot 4 london look 13 -128-cr

The Anastazio Kotsopoulos Jewelry line includes pieces such as this gold and diamond heart pendant necklace and Meander Greek symbol inspired gold and diamonds ring.

The 18K yellow gold textured heart pendant is studded with 0.55ct brilliant cut diamonds.

The 18K yellow gold ring is studded with 0.42 ct brilliant cut diamonds. The ring’s symbol is based on the ancient Greek Meander symbol.

Anastazio Zeus Sun Maiander Gold RingAnastazio Kotsopoulos Jewelry

Statement Fine Jewelry for any occasion

Anastazio Kotsopoulos jewelry - Shoot 4 london look 12


Unfortunately we don’t possess a stacked bank account. We cannot afford to purchase any of these beautiful looking pieces; but the pictures re-awaken our desire to know the pleasure of being able to adorn our body with jewelry that is made for goddesses. After all we dare to think that we are goddesses too.

Here’s how we might style the Anastazio Tears of Love Gold Pendant Necklace…

Anastazio Tears Of Love Gold Pendant Necklace

And here’s how we might style the Helen of Troy inspired Princess Ring…


Anastazio princess quartz and gold ring

Anastazio Princess Quartz And Gold RingThis gorgeous “Princess” ring is said to have been inspired by Helen of Troy. If you’re not up to speed on your Greek Myth, Helen of Troy was considered the most beautiful woman in the world and the reason behind the Trojan War.

No doubt Helen would have loved this “one of a kind ring” with it’s honey colored 11 ct princess cut rutilated quartz offset with a row of 0.16 ct brilliant cut diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.

Anastazio Empress Topaz And Gold Ring

Anastazio Empress Topaz And Gold Ring

Meet Anastazio Kotsopoulos

Anastazio Kotsopoulos
At the age of 19 Anastazio began his studies in the art of stone setting along with his brother Agis Kotsopoulos. After studying for many years with what he has described as “the best Greek Goldsmiths”, learning the art of handmade jewelry design and construction, Anastazio launched his own brand.

We asked the designer:

What kind of woman is Anastazio jewelry made for?

His response:

My pieces are mainly designed for dynamic women with strong personalities, who like to feel beautiful and confidant when wearing them.

For more about Anastazio Kotsopulos and Anastazio jewelry, visit



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