Shorts with pockets Nubes from MANGO
Available for purchase are these shorts with pockets Nubes from MANGO. What they are? 100% cotton shorts with big oversize pockets. These shorts are navy and have a matching belt. Lining is also 100% cotton. Model in picture is wearing hers with a pink Mango Liza top” and the off-white Mango Sandals Duo C.

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A Shorts with pockets Nubes from MANGO Tale

Kara wore her Shorts with pockets Nubes from MANGO to the movies with her boyfriend Yohan and his mother Natalia. She was feeling careless that day. When her boyfriend’s mother saw Kara in her Shorts she said:

“Those are very nice shorts Kara. Where did you get them?

Kara said casually “

Her boyfriend’s mother grinned at her. It was obvious the woman was trying to be nice to Kara which suggested to Kara that Yohan had told her how Kara had been complaining that she wasn’t very nice to her generally even though Kara had told Yohan not to tell his mother what she’d said.

Kara wasn’t very pleased that Yohan had spoken to his mother anyway but she supposed there was no point in getting upset and it seemed that Thalia was now trying to be nicer.

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