I’m sure I like this dress but not sure I love it 100%. I like the shape of it. I like the length of it for a nice little black mini dress.

What I’m not 100% sure about with this dress is the shape of the top part. The cut out dolman sleeves are fine but something about the way the dress is shaped at the top makes me not convinced it would be totally flattering on my figure. I could be wrong. I’d be willing to buy the dress to find out if I’m wrong because I think it’s a cute dress over all.

Where would I wear this dress? Not on any outing with my hubby that’s for sure. You wear a dress like that you want to feel attractive and you want to get a little bit of attention from the man you’re out with. My hubby and I have been together a bit and he’s not a guy to be thinking about making sure his woman is feeling good.

You know how some men can still remember to make their woman feel special even while they’ve been with her for ages? Not my hubby? He’d be more interested in winning the sweet smile of some female riding the elevator with us by stepping back to allow her out of the elevator ahead of him. Meanwhile his woman is standing behind him and he doesn’t step back to let her out before he gets out.

So yeah this dress would be for an outing where hubby is nowhere in sight because he’d end up making me feel like complete shyte.

Sequined Lace Cocktail Dress with Cutout Sleeves Purchase Details

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