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I don’t really know much about Kanye West aside from what’s impossible not to know when you write for entertainment blogs which I used to do up until a few months ago. If I’ve heard any of his songs I’m not aware that they are his songs. I get that he likes curvaceous girls with pretty faces and a skin tone somewhere below ivory and above brown. So even if I were to be out running and encounter Kanye in real life as I did in my dream last night what happened in the dream would never happen in reality.

I have no idea why I would dream about Kanye West. Hugh Jackman I could see or — you know I can’t think of a single other male actor model singer or athlete that I ever react to the sight of in any carnal way. For sure Kanye West just isn’t someone I’ve ever thought about; yet last night I had a dream that I was out running and I encountered Kanye West who was also out running; and he stopped to talk to me and asked me out on a date. I agreed to go out with him. I think in the dream I was conscious of the fact that this was the opportunity of a lifetime more so than I was interested in Kanye. Yeah yeah I know in reality Kanye West would never be interested in me. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not young enough. I’m not curvy enough and my complexion is all wrong. Too dark ya know; but in the dream world anything is possible and in my dream last night Kanye West wanted to go out with me badly enough that when I told him I would love to go out with him but I didn’t have suitable clothes to wear he gave me money to go shopping.

The dream was a pretty convoluted dream. It ended up with me in a fight with my father and with Kanye West’s girlfriend who showed up at our house to confront me. She wasn’t Kim Kardashian. I had gone home after going shopping in some high end designer stores and the two were there waiting and my father started accusing me of trying to steal Kanye from Kanye’s woman; and he had his fist in my face threatening to punch me on behalf of the girl. I woke up soon thereafter feeling depressed.

So here’s a set I’ve done based on my dream. In the dream when I was shopping I was looking at black leather jackets. Can’t remember what else I looked at; but I’ve taken some inspiration from Kanye’s current girlfriend and basically just did a set based on an outfit she wore to an X-factor taping back in November 2012.

The items in the featured set:

Glamorous polka dot top” $24

Burberry peplum jacket” $4 ,110

Balenciaga high waisted skirt” $1 ,640

Christian Louboutin pumps

Burberry handbag

More than likely a lady who would have on a $4″ 110 leather jacket a $1 640 leather skirt and $1 075 Louboutin pumps wouldn’t also be wearing a $24 top.



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