Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Sheer soft sky-blue tank and panties sleepwear set

Isn’t it something how we ladies have to be fashionable even while we sleep? Dudes can just throw on any old thing but even to go to bed we have be stylish especially if there’s going to be a dude getting into the bed with us.

Personally I like me a nice long white cotton nightgown; but this sheer soft sky-blue tank and panties sleepwear set is cute and I’m inclined to think the more items you have to chose from even of sleepwear the better.

So why not add this to my collection? Or in my case start my collection with this. Although I sort of imagine this being more suitable for a single girl to curl up in her bed on a Saturday night and read a good book. It’s girly and sweet and innocent.

If there’s going to be a dude in your bed who’s probably going to want to soil you you might as well forego the nightie altogether. He might rip it in his haste to get to the target.

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