Here’s a sheer curry colored zebra-print scarf that I like and would buy if I could; but still poor and pathetic which is probably why I’m feeling down right now. I’m working hard but not making any money and it gets a wee bit depressing especially when you read about women like Marissa Mayer and their multi-million dollar salaries. Safari” So Near Scarf – Purchase information

I am not motivated at all today. I should have already worked out but I just can’t convince myself to get up and do what I have to do and I ate a bit more today and yesterday than I really should have. I didn’t really workout yesterday either. I just did about half hour of very light stuff.

I’m not at an age where I can afford to not workout. Every little thing I eat leaves evidence behind if I don’t work it off.

But yeah” the money thing is depressing. I guess I only have myself to blame for my situation though. It’s only fitting that it should pay to be smart. I totally get it; and the opposite of that is also true. It doesn’t pay to be stupid; and I made a lot of stupid decisions at that critical point in my life when I needed to be smarter in order to secure a brighter future for myself.

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