mannequin red white striped top brown leather jacket burgundy pashmina scarf

The mannequin is already proving quite useful for other purposes than she was bought to serve. I can work on work on putting together some outfit ideas from my closet just for fun or to come up with stuff to actually wear out. I don’t have much in my closet so it will be interesting to try to see what I can put together with what I do have. I can admit my clothes are pretty boring. And pretty much everything is years old and cheap.

red white striped top brown leather jacket blue jeans black suede buckle boots 2

This outfit is what I was planning to wear to go out yesterday. I ended up wearing a navy oversized men’s button down shirt instead of the red and white striped top. Everything else stayed the same. My current style is more or less stuff you can throw on and go about your business with the least amount of fuss and complication.

red white striped top brown leather jacket blue jeans black suede buckle boots

I used to care a lot more what I looked like but at some point I stopped caring. Not having money to afford to care a whole lot about clothes is one factor; but there are other reasons I just haven’t really cared too much about being in the height of style and fashion.

Maybe I’m just lazy?

I read a quote a while back that women who don’t take the time and care to primp and preen and try to look their best are just lazy. It’s a quote attributed to Helena Rubenstein.

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

I prefer a quote that acknowledges ugliness and beauty as both being unscientific notions and both being subject to individual perception. But I would agree with the underlying sentiment that there are things a woman can do to enhance her appearance if she doesn’t think she’s as attractive as she needs to be to get by in this appearance obsessed world. Personally I’m still more concerned with being comfortable than I am with looking stylish. Ideally I can be comfortable and look stylish; but if I had to choose between being comfortable and looking stylish I’d choose being comfortable.

The Outfit

red white striped top brown leather jacket blue jeans black suede buckle boots 5

The jacket is leather but it’s a very cheap leather. The original price was in the $250 range but I purchased the jacket for $15 so that should tell you something about the quality. The top is from Old Navy. The jeans are Levis. The boots are faux suede. The scarf I purchased earlier in the year from Amazon to use as a head scarf for the most part. I have one in a few colors and plan to buy a few more. (Premium Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf). Overall I’d have to say that it was very helpful having the ability to put the outfit together on the mannequin first. I felt comfortable for the most part and while others may not agree, in my opinion I looked a little less un-stylish than usual. I’m not saying I looked stylish. Everything I was wore was outdated for sure, but I think Helena Rubenstein would have given me a passing grade for effort even if she might have failed me on the ensemble itself.


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