We came across this pic of Reese Witherspoon on her instagram. She’s wearing a cute tee with a graphic design of lemons and text imprinted with the words “Fixin Lemons into Lemonade”. This Reese Witherspooon Fixin lemonade tee is from Draper James line and comes with a $48 price tag. So if you’ve been wanting to buy something from Draper James that costs less than $50 here’s your chance. You can look like Reese Witherspoon for $48.

The picture Reese posted to her instagram was captioned “Hey @beyonce, I hear ya girl. When life gives you lemons, fix some #LEMONADE ???????? (Link to ???? in bio)

We have a feeling Beyonce didn’t reply. But then again, Reese wasn’t really trying to get Beyonce’s attention. She’s just a brilliant businesswoman who knows how to play the social media marketing game.

Here’s the Reese Witherspooon Fixin lemonade tee being worn by a model for Draper James

Fixin' Lemonade Tee - Reese Witherspooon Fixin lemonade tee Draper James
Image via draperjames.com – Fixin’ Lemonade Tee

We’re loving the look of the tee with the yellow shorts.

Here’s Reese wearing the tee…

Hey @beyonce, I hear ya girl. When life gives you lemons, fix some #LEMONADE ???????? (Link to ???? in bio)

A photo posted by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

The general consensus if you read the comments posted in response to this pic on Instagram is that Reese is cute and the t-shirt is cute. And the price is reasonable.

We do like the t-shirt and we do want to try some Draper James merchandise; but we think we’ll wait for when they have a really nice dress that we can afford to buy. $48 is more than reasonable, but for us, it’s still much to spend on a t-shirt at the present moment. No offense to Reese. We’d totally buy this t-shirt if money wasn’t tight, because it’s cute. Both Reese and the model above wear the tee well and we love the model’s outfit and wouldn’t mind duplicating it. So they’ve definitely sold us on the tee even at $48. We just don’t have $48 to spend specifically on a t-shirt right this minute.

What about you? Do you like the Reese Witherspooon Fixin lemonade tee?



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